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When moms make bedtime stories part of a nightly routine, they find so many positive benefits. Choose a tale and print to read at bedtime, read while sitting with your family around a campfire or to help your child with their reading. You could even print the free online stories to create your own storybook to use at any time. Free Stories The Little Red Bedtime Book Free stories for kids & parents of all ages. Read Children’s free short Bedtime story Book Stories, for free.

read bedtime stories 2Bedtime stories aren’t just for tiny tots: older children enjoy them, too. Want to perfect your storytelling skills? Here are some tips. When men read stories to their children, they encourage them to use their imagination more, a study reveals. Here’s how the rewiring works: When you read Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon to your baby, exaggerating the oo sound in moon and drawing out the word hush, you’re stimulating connections in the part of her brain that handles language sounds (the auditory cortex).

Children whose parents reported more reading at home and more books in the home showed significantly greater activation of brain areas in a region of the left hemisphere called the parietal-temporal-occipital association cortex. And as every parent who has read a bedtime story knows, this is all happening in the context of face-time, of skin-to-skin contact, of the hard-to-quantify but essential mix of security and comfort and ritual. Read More: Listen to Bryan Cranston Read a Truly Profane Bedtime Story. On Tuesday, Jennifer Garner added her name to the list of stars who have performed recitals of the book. Traveling?, pull up a story on your laptop, tablet, or smart phone and read it aloud over the phone. Or Simply Wonderfully Imaginative Bedtime Stories.

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read bedtime stories 3Reading a bedtime story helps to secure family bonds, develops emotional intelligence and lots more. Learn more about the benefits of bedtime stories today! A woman reads a story to her child. A recent survey found that a third of parents never read a bedtime story to their children. Photograph: PhotoAlto/Alamy Sally Weale Education correspondent. A Story Before Bed lets you record a video of yourself reading a children’s book to be played back any time. Some of our customers wanted to be able to read books to their loved ones live. Fathers should make a special effort to tuck their children in at night, according to research which shows that bedtime stories are better for youngsters when they are read by men. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, finds that only one in three parents (33 percent) read bedtime stories with their children every night, and 50 percent of parents say their children spend more time with TV or video games than with books. How to Read a Bedtime Story. Bedtime stories serve a plethora of purposes. Whether you are a babysitter, an older sister, or a parent, the ability to read bedtime stories well can affect your popularity amongst children a lot.

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Samsung Bedtime VR Stories is a novel concept introduced by the company that lets a parent share a bedtime story with the child, through a virtual world, when they are away.