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Outdoor Table, Wood Pallet, Pallet Coffee Table, Patio Table. Just because a coffee-table top used to be glass doesn’t mean that you have to replace it with more glass after it breaks. If you enjoy crafting, create a mosaic-style top from an assortment of broken tiles, chipped stones or colorful broken glass — maybe even some of the original glass if the table is an heirloom or has sentimental value. A mosaic of broken tile is a one-of-a-kind replacement for a glass tabletop.

replace glass on coffee table with tile 2Note: be very careful when cutting glass tiles. Always wear gloves when handling cut tiles. A glass topped coffee table without the glass isn’t much of a table. You could get a replacement piece of glass or you might consider some more creative ways of redoing the top. Another idea for a taller table is to cut a top for it and either mosaic it with broken pieces of plates or tile the top. Having a glass coffee table tops are modern, gorgeous but yet damaging. Choose stone, tile or mozaic tops to replace your broken glass.

My wife and I would like to replace the glass in our coffee and end tables with something other than glass. You will need to put a back on it like a piece of three quarter ply wood if it doesn t have a back and the tile with mastic and goute will add maybe twenty pound if that to the table. Mine had glass on the top of it so I removed it and set it inside. I spray paint things outside by my garage but put rocks on all four edges of the cloth just in case a gust of wind comes by. A beautiful ikea coffee table makeover that Kristin. her The Hunted Interior Blog. Once the tiles are dry add a coat of Mod Podge to the artwork. Purchase new white glass pulls and replace the old ones with the new ones. We had an outdoor coffee table with an ugly plexiglass top. To replace it, I used a piece of hardie board, then used silicon to affix the caps and grouted them with sanded grout. Wind picked it up and shattered the glass after a week. That’s when I learned there was a difference between a 3000 patio set and a 500 one.

How To Refinish And Tile A Coffee Table

A coffee table that I got for 20! Some of the glass is broken so I’ll have to replace that, and I’ll probably paint it. Are you thinking of the pretty glass tiles or smashed teacups (which would be a bit wobbly)? Since you are so handy, could you build a sort of box (mounted underneath the table)to act as a shadowbox to showcase collectibles or photos? That would be pretty Either way, you got a fantastic deal!! It will be beautiful painted white, and will look great with that stunner of a sofa!! I so wish I was near an Ikea. End table makeover – replaced the glass insert top with stained wood – I want to do this with an old coffee table. Repurpose an old scratched end table with tile. CB2 – smart glass top coffee table Classic and timeless- works with anything. If you replaced the glass do you mind sharing how much it cost? The slate and glass coffee table top is striking and functional. My husband put some crazy glue on it and he was able to replace the tiles. I’m now enjoying my coffee table and i even ordered the end tables that go with it. I realized that I have quite an accumulation of coffee tables. I have about five of them in my storage building, plus one at home that I bought from Goodwill a few weeks ago, and then the one that I rescued from the dumpster earlier this week. Watch HGTV’s Myles of Style as Kim Myles adds her own special touch to a table by tiling and grouting it. DIY Ceramic Tile Centerpiece 01:00.

Does Anyone Have Ideas On What To Replace The Glass In Our Coffee Tables With?

Includes: glass replacement tabletops: what to consider, cost, and where to order replacement glass. When your glass coffee or patio table is cracked or busted, you need to know where to look for glass replacement tabletops. For those who are creative, ceramic or mosaic tile can transform a dull table into a whimsical one. I wanted something nice next to the recliner to replace the folding tray table being used as a (temporary) end table. We quickly realized that replacing the glass was going to be a really big deal. Although the glass is on almost every house in our neighborhood, it seems to be rare in glass shops. Ha, we have piles of tile, a bag of knobs and who knows what. I really like the idea of trying to get by with what you have on hand. I also replaced the glass with tin tiles that I bought a few years ago at the local craft store. When my sister, brother and I lived together as singles, we had a coffee table with glass squares on each end.

I have a beautiful coffee table with two matching end tables that I love and bought 10 years ago and since they aren t trendy and have simple lines, are still very much suited f. I thought about replacing the glass with another piece (no, I’m not replacing the husband) and came close to doing so, but instead decided to put all the years of watching HGTV to good use, and chose instead to tile the top. These ideas for glass replacement can salvage your patio table and bring new life to your outdoor furniture. There are other materials that make excellent table tops, from tile pieces to mirrors or stone. You don’t have to throw out your coffee table if its surface is damaged. It all depends on how easily the tiles come off the plywood, and there are techniques for that, even if the adhesive is stubborn.