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Learn about sliding glass door locks and how you can fix your own. Fixing a sliding glass door latch is quick and easy if you have a Philips screwdriver and the replacement door latch ready. Sliding patio doors see a lot of use, and it isn’t uncommon for the lock to occasionally jam or break, requiring repair or replacement.

replace sliding glass door lock 2Change. Close. Please enter a street address, city and state, or ZIP code. Sliding Patio Door Latch HookPrime-Line 5.5-in Steel Sliding Patio Door Latch Hook. I can push the lever down to lock the latch in place, but if I wiggle the door a little the lever springs back to open position and unlatches itself. I personally wouldnt even bother replacing it. Sliding glass door latch doesn’t stay latched in place. The lock on your sliding glass door (if it exists at all) is about as substantial a theft deterrent as a picture of a guard dog. There are three basic reasons for replacing a lockset.

Whether you need patio door / sliding glass door installation or repair services, give King Door and Lock Maryland and DC a call 24/7/365 at (800) 231-5499! Display Case Sliding Glass Push Door Keyed Lock For Showcase Cabinet 2 Keys 2pcs. Replacing a damaged or old lock in a sliding patio door is a moderately easy home project you can do yourself. Learn how to replace the lock in a sliding patio door following a few simple steps.

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Insert a screw driver through the bottom handle hole on the inside of the sliding glass door to hold the latch in place. Remove the screws above and below the latch. Buy Anderson and Pella patio sliding glass door parts and replacement hardware online at Reflect Window and Door 1-877-434-3410; handles, seals, rollers, strikes, etc. For many people the locks that secure patio sliding glass doors are the most important hardware on the door. Due to the light structure of most sliding patio doors and their locks, entry can be gained by simply applying pressure to the lock and strike area by prying with a large screwdriver or pry bar. Before installation make sure your sliding glass door is completely shut and locked so you can get the correct markings.

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