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Maple is the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets, according to Steve Kaufer, President of Maple Craft USA. Maple is not at all difficult to refinish because it takes well to sanding, and staining or painting. Apply a thick coat of chemical stripper to your cabinet doors and frames with a natural-bristle paint brush. They are right now very much a blond maple, and I’ve heard that staining maple dark is just not that easy. You can’t restain sealed cabinets unless you strip the entire finish off, which on cabinets is a VERY time consuming and messy job. Advice on using sealcoat and toner over a factory finish to darken maple cabinets a tricky process that may yield unsatisfactory results.

restaining maple cabinets 2Explore your options for restaining kitchen cabinets, plus browse helpful pictures for ideas and inspiration from HGTV Remodels. Maple cabinets may be one of the nicest looking cabinet systems you can possibly have in your home. Maple cabinets are very hard to stain due to the very tight grain pattern found in maple.

My current kitchen cabinets are maple with a very light finish, I was seeking a cherry mahogany color. I’ve done some research and I’ve read anything ranging from stripping the current finish with. Last week I got a wild hair and decided to stain our kitchen cabinets a darker color. I’ve got a whole kitchen of oak cabinets that I’d love to restain a bit darker, but no way am I going to strip them all down. Now, I’m thinking about glazing the current maple cabinets with a chocolate glaze. Many homeowners choose to refinish cabinets with a stain color of their choosing. It’s a big job, but there’s a big payoff. Here’s how to do it.

Restaining Kitchen Cabinets: Pictures, Options, Tips & Ideas

restaining maple cabinets 3For those of you who don’t know, maple is a tricky wood to stain. It tend to absorb stain unevenly which leads to a blotchy look. Hi, my husband built a maple cabinet with maple veneer plywood and maple doors. There are some dings and a small crack in the top I would like to fill prior to staining. Can I sand it down and restain it to my liking. It is also a very dark brown. Hello, I have a large kitchen project coming up and the customer wants maple cabinets with a dark mocha color. I tried to steer them to alder but to no avail. How to Refinish Maple Kitchen Cabinets. Maple cabinets are an excellent choice for the kitchen. They have a natural beauty and look outstanding for many years. See more about Painted Kitchen Cabinets, Cabinets and Kitchen Cabinets. I got 19 maple cabinets off of Craigslist (for dirt cheap) which were taken from someone s kitchen redo. I am trying to stain a maple dresser to match my cabinets. The color is a Java color. I could not find this stain so I went down to Vista Paints and they were able to match the stain.

Should I Re-stain Maple Cabinets?

Photos of Pegasus Refinishing – Santa Clara, CA. Before and After restaining in cherry color. Maple cabinets. My house is on the market with lots of maple cabinetry and no contrasting counters or floors. Now I want to restain every cabinet in my house. We are restaining a portion of our kitchen cabinets and the stain won’t take. The cabinets we are installing are about 12 yrs old. (Maple). Consider staining kitchen cabinets instead as an affordable way of updating kitchen cabinets. Gel stains are best used on non-porous woods such as pine, maple, cherry and birch.

Restained Natural Maple Cabinets. Back at the beginning of the year, I said that I wanted to update my kitchen island with paint. Well, I got that job completed and decided to do something with the cabinets as well.