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Restoring an old metal filing cabinet – I think this is just amazing. How to Restore Metal File Cabinets. Filing cabinets serve a functional office purpose and often take quite a bit of abuse. Over time, the constant slamming of drawers and contact with metal hanging files can cause the finish of the filing cabinet to become scratched and unsightly. Older metal filing cabinets still have a lot of use in them. Rather than ignoring a used cabinet that is for sale at a cheaper price than the brand new one, consider buying and refurbishing it.

restore metal filing cabinet 2I want to purchase a cheap metal filing cabinet on craigslist and then restore it into something awesome. I would be happy to just spray paint it, but that is still pretty drab, and I was wondering if anyone had done anything more dramatic and how that dramatic change turned out? I’m thinking of things like contact paper, unique handles, etc. I find furniture restoration and taking old furniture and making it beautiful so rewarding. These before and after file cabinets have full pictured tutorials so you can makeover your ugly metal file cabinets you have at home as well! Have you ever been intimidated by refinishing metal furniture? Joanna shows it’s entirely possible, and gets great results with a little time and elbow grease.

Here’s how I gave a 15 filing cabinet new life for under 40. 1. I used Rustoleum Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch Primer in white because the package said it would cling well to metal and help stop rust, which, obviously young Fillip needed. I found it at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore here in San Antonio. Clean Metal Primer because it seemed like the best fit for the file cabinet. Update an old or ugly file cabinet by following this file cabinet makeover. How To Makeover a Metal File Cabinet and Add Wheels. 1. It’s the little touches that you add to your pics and projects that make me want to be your apprentice:) Great job on the makeover! I think you gave me an idea for a couple pair of smaller, more shallow drawer file cabinets I picked up from the ReStore, which are sitting in my basement, screaming for paint.

Metal Filing Cabinet Makeover: Have You Ever Done Anything Other Than Spray Paint A Filing Cabinet?

restore metal filing cabinet 3I asked a question on how to sand a steel file cabinet down to a mirror finish a couple of weeks ago and got a lot of great answers. I’m just now finishing up a restoration that took me about a month and a half to complete, between stripping out and replacing a rotted porch floor header and its fascia, resetting and the flooring near the entrance, rebuilding new a new staircase, rebuilding and refinishing a porch door, its storm insert, the door framing, and a nearby window and the structure that supports the window. I spray painted our ugly white and rusted metal file cabinet a sweet deep magenta color and it totally revived it! great idea. I took your advice and can’t believe how simple it was to restore. Restoring old metal cabinets saves money on expensive replacements. How to turn an old metal filing cabinet into a beautiful garden planter. The hunt for a filing cabinet took me to my nearby Habitat Restore. La Salle Metal-Wrapped 2-Drawer Wide File Cabinet. 2050. Electrostatic painting is a technique for painting metal structures. The original metal structure may or may not have existing holes or cavities.

How To: Paint A Metal File Cabinet

Older metal filing cabinets still have a lot of use in them. Rather than ignoring a used cabinet that is for sale at a cheaper price than the brand new one, consider buying and refurbishing it. How to Restore Kitchen Cabinets. Published by: eBay. Reclaimed Vintage Industrial 1960s Stripped Steel 30 Drawer Filing Cabinet. Fortunately, restoring outdated metal cabinets is a rewarding do-it-yourself project that is possible with a little know-how and a lot of patience.