Restoring Wooden Hand Planes Sample Plans PDF

The parts you can’t reach with a belt sander need some hand sanding. I used grit 100 first and finished with grit 180 sanding paper. Not purely a wood plane, but rather properly a transitional. Hand planes were traditionally made from Beech, Hornbeam, and other hard, heavy, smooth woods. To clean up wooden planes, I use a mixture of one part metholated spirits, one part white spirit, one part boiled linseed oil and 1/4 part white vinegar. To take the wedge out, turn the plane upside down, hold the blade and wedge into the plane with your left hand and tap the heel of the plane with the hammer.

restoring wooden hand planes 2I just finished the restoration of the planes by hand. Old Stanley hand planes are always fun to restore. 4 Smooth Bottom Wood Plane Woodworking Vintage. Your plan of restoration should take into account the historical or cultural importance of the particular plane, the uniqueness of its design, the state of its preservation and the purpose to which you’ll put it. Rule Joints: by Hand & by PowerMake a Shapely Bowsaw.

If I restore a tool and even make new handles or replace the blade with say a hock blade, then it’s not historically correct but it is made to work better than the original. On the other hand, I’d love to have a collection of wooden planes that I could use as is, or alter to suit a job that I was doing to a specific detail, rather than build a wooden plane from scratch. Are there better ways to clean and refinish a wooden plane? After a few hours of careful hand rubbing, the plane has a beautiful, rich wax look to it and the grain pops out very nicely (SWMBO, although jealous of an inanimate object commanding my attention also gave it a wow). If you don’t know anything about hand planes, buying them on Ebay can be an expensive way to learn. There are also several companies on the Internet that sell replacement plane handles for almost every hand plane, in almost every species of wood.

Restoration Of Wooden Planes

pet screen door 3I don’t think people should be afraid at having a go at restoring an old wooden bench plane. Most of us have one or more old bench planes sitting on shelves gathering everything but sawdust. Recently, hand-tool expert and Contributing Craftsman John Olson took it upon himself to rehab one such plane — a turn-of-the-century knock-off of a Stanley No. Opinions on the restoration of old hand planes, or virtually any antique item for that matter, vary widely and are frequently debated within their respective communities of interest. The metal may be darkened, the tool may be dirty from use, and the wood may be scarred with a worn finish. I’ll put all the pieces together as if I was ready to plane wood, then back the blade up so there is no way it will make contact with the sand paper. Certainly when it comes to hand planes not much has actually changed within that period – apart from the advances in tool steel technology. This first section deals with wooden bench planes and how to use them. Vintage Stanley Bed Rock Smooth Plane Patent 1895 No 608 for RESTORATION LOOK. Learn how to get peak performance out of your hand plane.

Refurbishing Wooden Planes. Help!

RWW 122: Rust Removal and Prevention on Hand Planes. Need some tips on the best steps to take to restore a bench plane? If you are referring to finishing the wood portions of a hand plane, I use inexpensive boiled linseed oil (BLO), available at an big box store. I just bought three hand-planes (a Stanley 4 1/2, Stanley 7, and an unknown block plane) for 20. I started restoring my first hand plane yesterday. It was rather rusty so I disassembled the plane and let all the metal sit in krud kutter. 2×4 challenge winner: /u/Danmeister33 – Wooden hand plane.

A few people have asked if I could go through the process I use to restore a hand plane, so here it is. All the planes I’ve collected have received this restoration process. I tried to recall a time in which I had previously restored a hand plane and the only recollection I could muster up was an old block plane that must have been my fathers or grandfathers. I took the restoration a bit further than most would but that is par for the course with my personality. It is complete even the wood is good. But if one can restore a plane and if it is worth the effort. How does what do it?. Here are a few sites to give you an idea as to what could be involved in restoring an old hand plane. I bought this Record plane in grungy condition to restore. We actually hold workshops at the New Legacy School of Woodworking specifically on restoring hand tools. My questions are these: 1- what is the best method to restore the wooden handles? Woodworking tools, articles and projects from a hand tool perspective. I wouldn’t like to say how many wooden moulding, or molding, planes I’ve accumulated over the years.