Scandinavian Drying Cupboard Sample Plans PDF

For a flawlessly functional and Scandinavian-styled laundry room, team up your new cabinet with an ASKO washing machine and tumble dryer. You can even incorporate one of our Hidden Helpers for extra convenience. Drying cabinets first became popular in the Scandinavian countries of Europe. Many laundromats and residential laundry services would offer drying cabinets for delicate items. A drying cabinet is an electrical machine designed to expedite the drying of items – usually clothing – that are unsuitable for a traditional clothes dryer.

scandinavian drying cupboard 2I was looking at clothes drying cabinets online – one user said she saved a lot of money by using her electric dryer for ten minutes, then air-fluffing. My Swedish clothes dryer is rated at 2700 watts and takes a bit less than twice as long to dry a load. At ASKO Appliances we offer high quality, environmentally friendly Dishwashers and laundry appliances with Swedish design. We care about the environment! Drying cabinets are a common way to dry laundry in Scandinavian countries, and they are used in addition to traditional tumble dryers.

We love the idea of building a dish-drying rack into an upper cabinet. I suppose it’s the same in the rest of the Scandinavia too:). Reply Flag. And using our temperamental drying cabinets can be a challenge. Kitchens in Scandinavia have a drying cupboard (a cupboard with racks as shelves for drip drying dishes) above the sink; the cloths are hung on a hook for quick drying and also to show off the pretty pattern.

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At ASKO we design and manufacture premium quality appliances with our special Scandinavian touch in form and function. We are certified to ISO 9001 which guarantees that our products are always of the highest conceivable quality. Maytag Laundry Room Concept Drying Cabinet See more about Cabinets, Clothes and Laundry. This level includes two bedrooms, each containing two single beds, which can be joined. Bathroom with toilet, full laundry and drying cupboard. The scandinavian style house is rated 4 star by the tourist board. There is a small drying cupboard in the house. Staber Industries DCV-3000 Economy Commercial Drying Cabinet DISCONTINUED. Drying cabinets are a common way to dry clothing and a wide variety of other items in Scandinavian countries, where they are used as a supplemental drying method in addition to traditional tumble action dryers. Asko DC7583 24 Inch Drying Cabinet with Right-Swing Door, 3 Auto Programs, 3 Time Programs, Folding Pull-Out Hangers, Glove Hanger, Time Remaining Indicator and 58 dBA Super Quiet Operation.

A Waterproof Drip-dry Cabinet

Image courtesy of LNE SCANDINAVIA. And the fabric is easy to wash and dries quickly, so there’s no need to tumble dry or take the extra step of dry cleaning. We’ve been working on this for two years, and we’ve just been in our own cupboard, you know?