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It has withstood my 7 cats trying to get out (until they realize they CAN’T) and my 2 dogs trying to get IN. I installed it on my bedroom door to keep the pets out of my bedroom while still allowing airflow. There is no way to keep a cat out of a room where the door isn’t securely closed. I don’t recommend a screen door if your cats are anything like mine. For cats especially, but for a lot of pets and kids, baby gates aren’t exactly effective. Keep in mind that most doorknobs on your existing doors stick out into the space where your screen door will go.

screen door to keep cats out of bedroom 2R needed a way to keep the cats out of the bedroom at night. Plus it seemed like it would be bad for the air circulation in the room, which we’ve heard has been associated (however loosely) with SIDS. Replace the nursery door with some sort of screen door. So it sounds like a child gate will keep out pudgier cats, but not cats who are being chased by dogs Good to know:). One poster on the Pets board installed a screen door in the nursery.

The one we loved the most is putting a screen door on a kid’s room. I have one room that I need to keep my cats out of, but in the summer the door has to be open to circulate air. You’d be better off trying to keep the cats out of the nursery in general. 3 cats and I had my husband put a simple wooden screen door on the room that way we can still see in, can close the main bedroom door if needed and the cats can’t get in!!!! I love it!!!! Best idea I’ve had in a long time!!!:). We have three cats and want to keep them out of the nursery – two are face-cuddlers. Plus with the baby in the room and just a screen door u can imagine my cats just sitting and meowing and clawing at it trying to get in to cuddle lo.

How Do You Creatively Keep Your Cats Out Of Certain Places?

One of our two cats is like a dog when it comes to food and our doorless kitchen- diving for food scraps or residual juices in the sink, and anxious to check out the. I have a screen door installed in my bedroom doorway. If a more secure clasp is added the door may be able to keep cat from getting out. Shut the door to the room you want to keep your cat out of. This is the most effective way of keeping a cat out of a space you don’t want it in. I was hoping to find a screen mesh that fitted over the door frame and therefore not have to remove our door. Ie, the flyscreen comes out to the hallway, the normal door opens in to the bedroom. We have a beautiful white, vinyl screen door on the outside of DS’s room to keep our cats out. We are able to close the regular door and the screen at the same time or just the screen. However we also don’t necessarily want to keep the baby’s room door closed all the time. Somebody at some point had mentioned a screen door in addition to the regular door. When the kids were at school I would just close the bedroom doors but now they are in and out of their bedrooms all day the doors don’t stay closed. Stairgates or a friend of mine put a fly screen up at the bottom of the stairs – one of those metal chain link ones – it didn’t look great but her cats were scared of it and it stopped them – she took it down when baby came but by then the cats weren’t interested in going up there x.

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I put a baby gate up in the doorway to her room to keep the cats out. My daughter’s friend put a back door screen door on the bedroom door along with the regular door. Just, I don’t wanna put a screen door inside– would look really tacky. I have searched all over for an extra-tall partition (like you use to keep kids out of rooms or IN rooms). 2) Let them in the spare bedroom, get cat hair everywhere, catch them peeing ONCE in the babies room, shoot them at that point, and then find a good divorce attorney. There are no gates tall enough to keep out a cat. You won’t remember to shut the screen door in the middle of the night when the baby is screaming, and your cats already think they have the right to be in that room. Our house is small, so we don’t feel that leaving the door closed all the time is a good solution, either. Reader Cate dropped us a note: Dear Ohdeedoh, We are about to welcome our first baby in May and have a dilemma: How will we keep our three other babies out of the nursery and crib – i.e. our cats! Our cats! Our nursery will be pretty modern (see attached pic) and the only solution suggested to us thus far is putting a screen door up – which is unsightly.

My daughter inlaw needed to keep the cats out of the crib and still let the heat into the room because the only heat source is in the hallway! I thought a scre. A quick fix was needed for summer ventilation and to keep my cats indoors. I have double french door screens to keep my kitties in and the bugs out! We have french doors off our bedroom, which is the only access to the backyard, and the flies. Pet doors for dogs and cats give you and your pet more freedom and independence. A cat door to the litter box room keeps the dog out and keeps the smell in. Click here to find out more about Flat Cats window protection for cats.