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We have been running into a problem finding the right kind of installation screws. In new houses, we primarily hang 1 3/4 face frame cabinets, mostly maple and some cherry, with full overlay doors. When we go with a larger, beefier screw, we are getting split face frames. So I join them all together, then install the lot. All the doors, and shelves are removed and I have the screws in the back waiting for when we lift it. Hey all, Finally going to install the upper cabinets at the cabin next weekend. What is the best screw for joining cabinet face frames? The wood is 3/4 pine.

screws for joining cabinets 2Anybody out there have any suggestions for a good type of screw to attach face frames together? When installing cabinets I’ve use drywall screws for quite a while but even when using a tapered bit to predrill I’ve had the screws break on occasion. Pocket screws let you assemble perfect, indestructible cabinet joints without expensive woodworking tools or complicated jigs—a huge leap forward for beginning woodworkers. Corrosion- resistant exterior screws, washer head screws for joining particleboard, and hi-lo thread screws for softwood are also available. Screws at Shop a variety of quality Cabinet Mounting Screws and Cabinet Mounting Screws that are available for purchase online or in store.

Sorry, your question is to vague. Are you talking joining the various components together, or joining completed units to each other? Also, what type of wood? MDF, pine, and oak cabinets each require various types of fasteners. I am installing some frameless cabinets in a kitchen project I am working on. What kind of trim-head screw (length / size) would be best for this purpose? I pre-drill holes in the face frames and drive 2 deck screws into the adjacent unit’s face frame, just like on these base cabinets.

Screwing Face Frames Together

Anyone know that appropriate screw size and type for hanging and installing kitchen cabinets? Join Date: Apr 2007. Location: Springfield, OH. The size of the screw depends on the thickness of the cabinet nailers and drywall. And the screws you use must go through a strong part of the cabinet, such as a support rail, that runs along the cabinet back. Continue to add adjoining cabinets in this manner, joining them as you did the wall cabinets. Quickscrews is dedicated to providing you with the widest selection of Cabinet Assembly Screws on the Web. Browse our Cabinet Joining Screws today! You don’t have to fuss with dadoes or rabbets when you use pocket screws to join bottoms and shelves. Drill holes on the underside to keep them out of sight. Join the two marks with a pencil line and saw along that line. Put the filler in place and drill a pilot hole at hinge level through the cabinet stile and into the filler.

Screws For Joining Cabinets Together