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This is an enclosure calculator for sealed enclosures. It is designed to help you calculate the size of the pieces of MDF that are needed to build an enclosure. How to properly build and design sealed woofer box enclosure. Rectangle sealed enclosure volume calculator. These calculators will calculate the volume for square, rectangular, triangular, trapezoidal and cylinder tube subwoofer enclosures, sealed or ported, including driver volume, bracing volume and port volume displacement.

sealed subwoofer box design calculator 2Online calculators for audio speaker enclosure system design. Q of the driver (Qts) is between 0.3 and 0.8, the driver is best suited2 for a sealed enclosure. Use a calculator to help you determine your ports and best box volume sizes. If using a sealed box you have more leeway here as sealed boxes are not quite as picky as ported boxes for achieving good results. A few months ago I stumbled upon a very cool online enclosure calculator that someone had provided a link to in a posting. This site was based in Europe, had an orangish background color, and simultaneously calculated enclosure parameters for vented and sealed alignments. Great online speaker calculation tool??.

Remember, all data when figuring speaker enclosures is theoretical! Designing enclosures is not an exact science, and sometimes what is perfect on paper or a software graph can be improved upon by listening and making adjustments to the system. Optimum volume for sealed enclosure (cubic ft ):. Designing and building your own subwoofer for your audio system can be a great way of improving its sound. Five basic types of subwoofers systems are covered here: sealed, ported, bandpass, passive radiator and transmission line systems. Also, the excursion calculations provide figures for peak excursion – many box design programs give rms excursion results.

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