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My good friends, Josh and Amy, recently renovated their attic and were able to close off some of the unusable space into a secret room. Who doesn’t want a secret door bookcase? We have a space in our living room that I’ve been planning to conceal with just such a door for 10 years, but I’ve kept putting it off because doing something like this has to be done well. Wall to wall bookshelves that conceal a hidden door. Made without casters. Some people call this a bookcase. My home office was messy. After I am done it will still be messy but now it is finished AND it has the secret feature.

secret bookshelf 2Enter the hidden doorway behind the bookcase. This cool concept keeps your belongings safely tucked away out of sight. Plus, it’s fun. Here’s how to add one. Admit it, you’ve always wanted your own secret bookshelf door to conceal a secret lair (or at least your closet). Now, one brave YouTube user has proven that it’s possible for the non-super villains among us. Hidden bookcase doors are both an attractive and practical addition to any room space. This selection of faux book doors show how false books can be used in a variety of settings.

Our hidden door bookshelves, hardware hinge systems and other creative doorway solutions are some of the most talked about home improvement innovations today. Do you have a door to a storage area or, perhaps, a secret room? What better way to hide it than with a swinging bookcase? It not only indulges your inner mystery-lover, but it also makes extra use of an otherwise unusable or perhaps not. This kid’s bookshelf opens to a secret reading nook. A SECRET READING NOOK. I would’ve never left. (from Everything About Secret Bookcase Doors).

Hidden Door Bookshelves

Hidden doors and secret passageways seem to be a popular room addition since there are numerous companies on the web who specialize in such requests, like The Hidden Door Company, Creative Home Engineering and Hide A Door. Of course, you can easily get the typical hidden door in a bookcase, but we’ve found some pretty interesting ones below!. Now you can hide a secret room in your home with this bookshelf that folds open to reveal a secret passageway; regardless of whether it leads to the Batcave or. I’m sure you remember those movies when someone entered an office or library and suddenly a secret door appeared and the bookcase opened to reveal another room. Behind the bookshelf was a speakeasy-themed bar, and the bookshelf was a fun, intentional secret passage. A secret bookshelf entrance. Browse or buy books by Author Daniel Adkins. Includes Suffolk ghost story Sleeping Sisters and adult thriller Lines of Liberty. Our secret bookshelf compartment system allows you to hide a variety of valuables. It may look like an ordinary bookshelf. But, this one is full of secrets.

Hidden Door Bookshelves

This guy has built the ultimate smoking lounge, hidden behind a bookshelf. Behind the poplar shelf lies a hidden gem of a room, accessible via a secret latch. Discover bookshelf ideas on HOUSE – design, food and travel by House & Garden. This built-in bookcase equipped with a ladder also acts as a secret door to a hidden bathroom. Hopefully in a secret gadget lair sealed off by these bookshelf-slash-doors. The doors can support loads of up to 500 pounds, come with oak, cherry and mapple veneers, and open and close via a steel hinge that swings out the center. A secret bookcase door isn’t the sort of thing you can just whip up over the weekend: assemble a quick IKEA bookcase, hang it in the doorway, and start stashing your stuff.