Security Bars For Sliding Glass Doors Sample Plans PDF

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Add safety and security to your sliding doors with this Prime-Line Patio White Sliding Door Security Bar. Convenient to install. 2pcs Metal Ratchet Bar Sliding Glass Showcase Display Cabinet Door. Security bars are strong metal bars that attach to one side of the door frame and then are extended or folded into place and brace against the sliding door to lock it into place.

security bars for sliding glass doors 2If you do have sliding glass doors, glass door panels or nearby windows, however, cover the glass with a security grate or grille on the outside or a clear, unbreakable polycarbonate panel secured behind the glass on the inside. You can also make or purchase a bar that swings down from the door frame to the middle of the door to prevent the door from sliding. Increase your sliding glass door security with these simple safety measures. The slide-locking bar sounds complicated, but actually it’s just a thick wood dowel or metal bar, cut to fit in the bottom track of your door. If you have a sliding glass door or are planning to install one, it is important to understand the security weaknesses involved and how to cover them. Some security bars are extremely strong and can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of force.

A portable security bar can also be fitted from the inside the room to prevent sliding action when door is closed. The adjustable security bar can also be used for added security when traveling. Are security bars/screens provided if it is a ground floor or basement unit? Do sliding glass doors have blocking cleats to prevent opening from the outside? Lockking Sliding Glass Doors and Patio Door Security Bars are the answer to the unreliable latch’s the come with the sliding doors. Made in the USA.

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