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You are bidding on an Antique Hoosier Style Sellers Kitchen Cabinet. Porcelain top that extends so that you have a larger work space. It also has an interior porcelain top. The bakers cabinet, kitchen cabinet, or more commonly known, the Hoosier. By the 1930s, Hoosier cabinets had fallen out of fashion, and most manufacturers had stopped making them. The Sellers Co. continued building the cabinets, however, and the company’s later designs were given sleek lines and curves that tried to tap into the art deco fashion of the day.

sellers hoosier cabinets 2A Baker’s Cabinet has loosely been refered to as a Hoosier cabinet due to the large number sold by The Hoosier Manufacturing Company in the 1900’s. Including yet not limited to, Hoosiers-Sellers-Napanee-McDougalls-Napanee-Boones-Etc. Joe and Brenda Velten, Fine American Furniture, Hoosiers, Yellow Ware; furniture refinishing and antique dealer for over 25 years in Prairie Grove Arkansas. I know that you’re proud of that Hoosier cabinet that is sitting in your kitchen.

The reason I tell you this is because a real Hoosier cabinet is usually higher priced and desired over all the copy/similar type kitchen cabinets of the time. (d) The Sellers cabinet by G.I. Sellers & Sons Company, Kokomo, IN. Among the early manufacturers of Hoosier Cabinets, Coppes Napanee was the oldest by nearly three decades, beginning as a sawmill in the area in 1873 before the B&O Railroad was laid and Nappanee was founded. Antique Hoosier Cabinet Coffee Jar, Lid, Paneled Glass, Molded Letters, Sellers, Early 1900’s Glass, Original Lid, Rustic Cabin, Farmhouse. US34.00.

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sellers cabinet hardware 31919 Elwood Co, IN newspaper ad on SELLERS KITCHEN CABINETS Contributed by: Rosemary Evon revon earthlink. AA-16023..Depression Pink Glass Rolling Pin Reproduction of early 1900’s glass rolling pin was filled with cold water to provide weight and prevent dough from sticking. See Book about Hoosier Cabinets and other brands including Sellers. The first Hoosier-style cabinet was made by a furniture manufacturing company named Sellers in 1898 in Elwood, Indiana. Sellers later moved to New Castle. My DIY makeover of a vintage Sellers cabinet. On a recent antique store expedition, I found a small Hoosier-style cabinet. I had Ken look at it to make sure it was sturdy, but immediately made plans to refinish it. Includes: where to buy a hoosier-style cabinet, anatomy of a hoosier cabinet, antique baking cabinet manufacturers, and identifying an authentic antique hoosier-style cabinet. Due to the high cost of shipping these items, locally purchasing may be more cost-effective than buying from far-away sellers over the Internet.

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Indiana Cabinets Including Hoosier, Sellers,McDougall, Napanee, Etc. There is a flour sifter, two side cabinet door, a big door on the bottom, a rolling thing in the middle, the 2 drawers, and the bread thing on the bottom, kinda scrolling wood on the very top, decal was red and black. The arrangement of the cabinet is classic for hoosier, Seller’s or Boone. Sellers label with reverse printing. Black on brass. Kennedy Hardware:: Hoosier Cabinet Parts:: Labels:: Sellers Cabinet Label – Elwood, IN. Sellers Cabinet Label – Elwood, IN.