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What kid doesn’t dream of being on the top bunk? But once your little one gets up there, reality hits hard: there’s nowhere to store special stuff! Bedside tables don’t float in the air (yet), so until they do, here are some storage solutions for the upper bunk kid. There are plenty of advantages to sleeping on the top bunk. You could even try attaching a shelf to the wall with small nails or screws if your dorm will allow it. Solution: Buy or make a shelf that attaches to your bed and holds an alarm clock, glass of water, and book. Clip-on lamps and fans make top-bunk dwelling brighter and cooler, and are pretty inexpensive.

shelf for top bunk 2Under the middle shelf I added a 1X2, predrill and screw this into the sides using 2in. screws. Also add a 1X2 at the top of the shelf. Both of these 1 X 2 will be used to attach the unit to the wall. This Bed Post Shelf is a unique college room invention. Top Features include:Keeps your bedside items within reach. Shelf is a must have dorm supplies product for any student that has a bunk bed, loft bed or just doesn’t have room for a nightstand. And if you’re sleeping in the top bunk, the dorm dresser is way below you!

Here’s one of the casualties of dorm life (especially if you’re on the top bunk or in a loft): shattered cell phones, and dropped iPads and Kindles. How to Make Your Top Bunk Cool. Do you want your own room desperately, but you find yourself stuck on the top-bunk? Build/buy/use a shelf to put above your bed. Everyone wants the top bunk — until they realize there’s no place to stow a water bottle or a late-night snack. A simple pine shelf mounted with wall brackets also works as a nightstand for an upper bunk.

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4 Ways to Make the Most of the Top Bunk in a College Dorm. The bed 3 large storage drawers, open shelves, concealable desk that rolls out from the side and robust two-step ladder. Shop for Bunk Bed Storage Shelves by Tidy Books. Children like the view with the Bunk Bed Buddy by the top bunk. Tidy Books Bunk Bed Buddy in White. Universal Furniture Good, Affordable, Smart Design Removable top bunk shelf. If you have the top bunk in the dorm room, I was wondering what do you do in terms of your alarm clock, reading material, or whatever else you’d be engaging in way up there?. The clip-on shelf was great because he was able to put an alarm clock and a few books on it and it had a built in well for a water bottle or coffee mug. Cabin Bed Shelf Multi purpose ideal for Mid Sleepers,High Sleepers, Bunks. Add this great Shelf unit to your cabin bed to add storage space to a top bunk. The boys have bunk beds in their bedroom and Daniel sleeps on the top one. He really needed a nightstand of some sort, but we didn’t want to drill into the wall to hang a shelf.

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This Weston Twin over Full L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Bookshelves and Storage by Discovery World Furniture has a wooden construction that makes it sturdy as well as durable. The top and bottom bunk each have their own set of shelves to offer personalized d cor for each little one.