Shoebox Phone Projector Sample Plans PDF

Sharing the display of your smartphone can be tricky. While there are some Android devices that support HDMI, the best option for smartphone owners on all. In order to make an iPhone (or any smartphone) projector you will need the following items:. The original shoebox projector has a rather dismal minimum focusing distance, which means you can’t use it effectively over a short range. Then it’s just as easy as cutting a hole in the shoebox, attaching the magnifying glass and using a paperclip to create a stand for the phone inside.

shoebox phone projector 2A great way to project your phone’s screen onto a wall for all to enjoy! As long as it will fit your shoebox!. How to Make a Simple Smartphone Projector. Using a shoebox, magnifying glass, and a smartphone, you can make your own photo or video projector for super cheap. Read below for instructions. But if you and your family want to watch a movie to kill some time and you all don’t want to crowd around your smartphone, there’s a solution! All you need is a phone (with a hand charger, I hope, so you don’t waste your entire battery!), an empty shoe box, a marker, a magnifying glass, some tape and scissors, and you can make a homemade smartphone projector. I found this post on TheMetaPicture and had to test it out! First, remove all cats from your shoebox.

You can easily turn your phone into a projector using a shoebox and a magnifying glass. This can be a fun filled project that you can do with your kids. Using a magnifying glass, a shoebox, tape, and LEGOs, you can set your phone inside the box, seal it up, and watch as it’s displayed on your wall. Sure, you could spend hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars on a high-quality mini projector for your smartphone. But, with a little ingenuity, a shoebox, and a magnifying glass, you can make your own projector.

How To Make A Simple Smartphone Projector

Behold! Instructions for how to build your very own projector using a smartphone, a shoebox, and some office supplies. This DIY is brought to you by instructables. A shoebox, magnifying glass, paperclip, smartphone, pencil, Stanley knife, and duct tape. Projector! Now, close the box and enjoy something that typically costs between 300 500 for just 3!. After mounting the magnifying glass’s lens on the shoebox and sealing the gaps with tape, your smartphone images are ready for the big screen. The Smart Phone Projector, created by British firm Luckies of London, has a 10x magnifying lens at the front to increase the video size on a wall and a grip pad on the back to securely hold a smartphone in place. And a grip pad on the back to securely hold a smartphone in place. Find our how to build your own photo projector with a smartphone, a magnifying glass, and a shoebox. The Smartphone Projector is a charmingly lo-fi way to share your phone’s screen. Just place any smartphone that will fit into the cardboard box and the lens enlarges the image by up to eight times! Since the whole thing is made from cardboard and glass, it’s ultra-portable, totally wireless, and uses no additional power. On youtube I saw a few DIY projectors, with a shoebox.

How To Turn Your Phone Into A Projector

All the project takes is a cardboard box, a smart phone, and a few basic tools. The result is a real, working projector that you’ve made with your own hands!