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The other day somebody wiped out my mailbox. Is it worth the extra time and money to install the mailbox using the post bracket, or should I just stick the post in the ground? Installing, repairing or replacing your own mailbox post can be a chore but these hints should help you understand the types of posts available as well as installation methods. Then again, if you are pretty sure there is no cement, there is a strategy that can work, especially if you have a broken post with only a few inches exposed. What type of preservative should be used underground on my post? For a 4×4 pressure treated mailbox post, does setting it in concrete make it rot faster or slower than setting it in the dirt? Thanks. The post will last longer if set on large gravel or stones that let moisture drain away from the timber. I have set many mailbox posts in my 74 years. Stone size should be about 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

should i cement my mailbox post 2Options for mailbox post installation include the quick and easy farmer method or the more exacting engineer method of installing a mailbox post. To understand how to install a curbside mailbox, here are the primary steps you should take before you did your mailbox post hole:. Step Four: Once you get your initial six inches of concrete into the hole and around the mailbox post, allow the cement to set up for approximately 25-30 minutes. Use shovel or posthole digger to dig a hole for the mailbox post; place dirt onto a tarp. 2. Remove the post level and attach the diagonal brace with galvanized decking screws. I am just now learning about this, and I admit that I was digging my post without having checked first GASP! Don’t make my mistake!. Cement Comes in a 50lb or 60lb bag.

The highway department will install the post for you; you only have to attach the mail box to the post. This is good information to have and copies of maps, liens, and other documents should be filed with your important papers. If you would like to place the residential mailbox post without concrete to hold it, dig down 16 or so; place the post upright in the hole; add gravel or soil gradually to the hole packing it around the base of the post with a pole or pipe. View my complete profile. Forum discussion: How deep of a hole should I dig for a mailbox sitting on a 4×4? There will be no concrete, just a piece of treated wood into the ground. I dug my hole with a clamshell digger, positioned the post in the hole, and started back-filling the hole with about 30 pounds (half a bag) of concrete dry mix. Fortunately, today I caught my contractor rural delivery Carrier and filled out a card for them to hold our mail for now, although that will mean stopping at the post Office daily to get it until. I guess I should start painting cars on the side for each confirmed kill. Soak the ground where the old post (cement) is and the old cement will come out easily (easy to dig up mud), then reuse that hole to put your new mailbox in!If you are putting a wood post in coat the part going in the ground with pinetar first!.

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should i cement my mailbox post 3Installing a mailbox post or fence post is super easy, especially with the right tools for the job. And here’s another tip, whether you’re digging out your old post or digging a new one, if your soil is tightly packed and too hard to dig, simply moisten the soil and that should soften it up and solve your problem. I got a really inexpensive high torque 600 RPM drill at Harbor Freight for 40 and it’s my dedicated drill for mixing any kind of concrete, cement, mortar, or grout. The front of your mailbox should be approximately 6 to 8 inches away from the edge of the street or the back of the curb if you have one. My mailbox was involve in a car accident and the car was push and hit my mailbox and broke the pole. How much should this cost to saw the cement and re cement a new post in. Several months ago my wife decided we needed a new mailbox. Mayne No-Dig Ground Screw helps you install your mail post in a cleaner and easier way. Mayne Dover Mailbox Post in White. Saved alot of time and the trouble of cementing a post in.very easy, post was in within 5 minutes. Had my new mailbox up in 15 minutes. In place it is very solid and should last a long time. So, I went to check my mail today and I noticed that my mailbox was leaning over more than usual. If it’s the standard sized one, a post that sticks a few feet into the ground should be good enough. Dig hole to desired depth, stick post in, pour in cement, pour in water, walla, you’re done.

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1. Remove any debris, rocks or plants around the mailbox post. Pick up and dispose of the cement debris. How Much Notice Should a Landlord Give to. QUIKRETE shares their concrete and post setting expertise. Set Posts in Concrete to Repair a Damaged Mailbox. Remember, when working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves. How long does it take for shipping, and should I order in advance? When my mailbox post fell over last week, I thought I’d have to dig a new post hole into the ground to get a new one upright again. Not only will that likely be a little bit easier for me to get done on my own, but the stakes also allow for me to put the mailbox back in the same spot should it ever get knocked over again (since it won’t be breaking off at the base and forcing me to dig).