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Or we could think about buying a bunk bed for our 2.5 year old twins, which would provide each one with their own bed and save space in their small bedroom. Safety of course should be a top concern, so the materials and construction of the bed should be among your top priorities. I’m still happy we went vertical, but I’ve given the beds a lot of thought. For space purposes, we’re thinking of bunkbeds. Most web sites state that a child using a ladder to get to bed should be no younger than 6.

should we get bunk beds 2First jealous of your bunk beds.we have had bunkbeds and i agree they should come with someone who makes the bed. However how useful is a bunk bed longer term – perhaps moms with older kids on this group would know? Am wondering if we should get something inexpensive from Ikea as it’s just a passing phase or explore a somewhat nicer one, especially if we are keeping it longer term. Am wondering if we should get something inexpensive from Ikea as it’s just a passing phase or explore a somewhat nicer one, especially if we are keeping it longer term. Dear Mothers: Do not, unless there is absolutely no other option under the sun, get your children a bunk bed. You will live to regret it, mark my words.

Should I invest in bunk beds (and have my youngest one sleep on the bottom)? We will use your information to send you our newsletters, coupons and special offers, and we share your information with our partners. Despite the convenience (two beds for the space of one), the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission say that children under six years old should never be allowed to sleep on the upper bunk, with other experts extending that to eight or nine years old. Get the latest stories from What to Expect in your inbox. We also have a 3 year old son, who will be sharing a room with little brother. I’d really love to get bunk beds, due to space, but I’m not sure if the ages are appropriate. Initially I was turned off by bunk beds – I’d heard how dangerous they are and how many injuries occur in bunk-bed-related mayhem. Got a tip, home tour, or other story our readers should see?

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should we get bunk beds 3More women opting for preventive mastectomy – but should they be? We may actually have underestimated the number of injuries that occur, she said. But, as in any furniture purchase, you should start out by determining your needs. Measure Your Space. Bunk beds are a natural fit for smaller spaces, but can have plenty of benefits for larger rooms, too. We don’t have a bedroom big enough for them to have two twin beds. We needed a compact solution. After lots of research I decided on bunk beds. The ladder is a means to get to the top, not a place to lounge or chat. From placing and checking a bunk bed to knowing the rules of safely using one, both adults and children can prevent injuries by practicing simple bunk bed safety. That’s why both adults and kids should know how to use bunk (or loft) beds safely and know that bunk bed safety means more than just not falling off the top bunk. Falling from the top is, however, not the only way kids can get hurt on a bunk bed. A selection of low-impact, high railed, mini bunk beds..just perfect for older toddlers!. Just perfect for older toddlers!. My kiddos share a room and things are getting tight now that Abby is finally rocking the big girl bed. We’re going to wait until the fall, when my eldest toddler turns 4 (he’ll take the top), before we update their room and put in a bunk-bed. Content provided on this site is for entertainment or informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical or health, safety, legal or financial advice. We are students, and can’t afford anything much bigger unless we move far away from campus, which is also undesirable. When our daughter was about 1 1/2, we knew we needed to get her into her own bed so we looked at lofts and bunk beds.

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If we should fix them, I really want to get someone to do it who is experienced in this and who won’t screw up the beds so much they have great big holes in them and the walls (if we should brace to the walls) when we do finally separate them into twin beds. Injuries can happen when kids are playing around the bunk bed or when they are sleeping. Therefore, parents should talk to their kids about how to safely use a bunk bed. Tho we received 2 nd treatment 5 days ago and understand that it may take more than 3 I believe at this point I keep finding 1 or 2 every other day. Should I get rid of the 8 yr old bunk bed and get a metal one? In what should surprise no one, falls made up most of the accidents, which resulted in cuts, broken bones and concussions.

I found that bottom bunks tended to get dirty from people basically stepping on them to get to the top bunk, but I suppose that depends on whether there’s a ladder or not (and possibly whether you’re living with spacey 11-year-old kids). I found that in general, you’ll have people sitting on your bed should you take the bottom bunk. Here are the four most common furniture problems parents should look for and how to fix them. Bunk beds are a fun, space saving option for any kid’s bedroom but just like any other household product, if installed or used improperly, they can have some serious hidden dangers. This standard is designed to prevent a child from slipping through any gaps and getting stuck. We’ll get back to you quickly. I think we will get good use out this bunk bed for many years, hopefully even into her teens. I should note that she has many cousins that love to come over for sleep overs and they all play well on the top bunk. My 5 year old desperately wants bunk beds and grandparents have offered them as a gift. Should we get an L shape or twin over full, or just standard? I’ll usually take bottom though, because it’s easier to get in to, plus it’ll hurt less if you fall out. I didn’t have a bunk bed in college, but my bed was lofted over my desk when I was in the dorms. We breakdown the pros and cons of choosing bunk beds for your dorm. Those on the top bunk are a bit more exposed than those on the bottom, but it does create a space where you could get changed, put on makeup, or just rest without worrying about prying eyes.