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Shy Guy’s Toy Box is the home of the Shy Guys in Paper Mario, and found in an empty house in Toad Town. As its name implies, the area is housed inside of a literal toy box. Shy Guy’s Toy Box is the home of the Shy Guys in Paper Mario, and found in an empty house in Toad Town. Hit the boxes in almost any other order, and four Shy Guys will pop out. Go southeast and return to reset the blocks. Go southeast and you’ll see Kammy Koopa place Peach’s last choice to guard a chest.

shy guy's toy box walkthrough 2In shy guys toy box, how you beat that lantern guy that you have to fight when you go left at the red station?, Paper Mario Questions and answers, Nintendo 64. More for Paper Mario (N64): FAQs and Walkthroughs (35). Trials in the Toy Box 1. Blue. Paper mario 64 walkthrough shy guy’s toy box. Personality. In its role as an enemy character, Lakitu typically flies about and throws Spiny Eggs at Mario, although. Not gunna lie, Shy Guys Toy Box is my favourite area in Paper Mario. And the Shy Guys are the best enemies:3c You also get Watt and she s probably the most useful party member. Yuka Tsujiyoko – Shy Guy’s Toy Box – Paper Mario OST.

Here’s a before and after GIF of my New Paper Mario texture project. Mario and Watt in Shy Guy’s Toy Box. Paper Mario 64 Game Playthrough Part 63 (Shy Guy’s Toy Box (8) – Vs General Guy Part 1). When General Guy left the Koopa Troop the Toybox was transformed into an exclusive Shy Guy resort where the fun never stops!. I lost all of my original spriting resources, included what went into Shy Guy’s Toy Box. So Shy Guy’s Toybox isn’t going to continue on Smack Jeeves.

In Shy Guys Toy Box, How You Beat That Lantern Guy That Yo

shy guy's toy box walkthrough 3Here’s a GIF that shows the slot machine in Shy Guy’s Toy Box before and after my texture pack. As you can see the original game was really desaturated. I heard that a lot of Shy Guys also appeared in Toad Town. Supposedly, they came from Shy Guy’s Toy Box. It must be somewhere in town, A Toy Box. One more old drawing that I decided to upload. Hurray for wrecking havoc! General guy and Anti guy are the most awesome shy guys ever. Shy Guy’s Toy Box near Deep Focus 7.A small island in Jade Jungle 8.Jump of that hook and slide thing in Mt.Lavalava 9.Near the dead end in Mt.Lavalava close to the fire traps 10.

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