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Smyths Toys has revealed The Sims 4 Bundle Pack 5, and with some breaking info about The Sims 4 Dine Out Game Pack 3!. Floor Bed / rectangle to use however you want! So, since I gave this to max-sims to have a play around with, I’ve had a lot of people asking me about it. Filed Under: Bedroom, Furniture Tagged With: bed, bedroom, Kiara Rawks, Onyx Sims, Sims 4 Pin It Like it Google+ Tumblr Tweet. 0.

sims 4 bunk beds tumblr 2The Sims 4 DreamCatcherSims4 Alana Bed Set – Bunk Bed Frame & No-Footprint Mattress buy mode kids room. Learn more at dreamcatchersims4. Loft Bed Set at DreamCatcherSims4 via Sims 4 Updates More.

As neither the bunk bed frame or mattress have footprints, sims can walk through them (annoying I know). This Sims 4 room upload is called: Functioning Bunkbeds. All beds work, and even the TV works on top of the bookshelf. All of my items are available for download on The Sims 4 gallery under the. I shamelessly stole veranka-s4cc’s idea about separating the bed frame mesh from the mattress/bed mesh so you can combine which ever mattress/bed you want with whichever bed frame you want. Thank goodness for those wonderful people over at Sims 4 Studio.

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sims 4 bunk beds tumblr 3Loft set. Bed frames requires Mattresses for Bed Frames, get them here. As neither the bunk bed frame or mattress have footprints, sims can walk. Please, does someone have a full complete list of bunk bed that top and bottom both work? Thank you. I managed to see a thread on functional bunk beds, and I searched and am unable to find it!. For example, a player can combine a bed and curtains to create a canopy bed.

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