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As there is no loft bed in game, there also aren’t any animations to go with them which means that sims won’t use the stairs but will instead swing themselves up on to the top mattress. Created for: The Sims 4. I wish I could put the bed under the bunk bed or dresser fully under the bunk bed. I cant find the bunk bed! can someone help? The Sims 4 Mod: Functional Bunk Bed. Introducing the Barnish Bunk Bed! Specially redesigned from the Barnish Double Bed, with some added kid-flavour.

sims 4 loft bed 2As neither the bunk bed frame or mattress have footprints, sims can walk through them (annoying I know). There is a tip that says get a loft bed, you can put stuff under it. I believe the dresser wont because of the footprint size – the way the ladders are set up at the sides of the bed, instead of the foot would mean that the sim can’t properly open the dresser (for whatever silly reason) and therefore, aren’t valid to fit. Sims 4 Updates: DreamCatcherSims4 – Furniture, Bedroom: Loft Bed Set, Custom Content Download!

Loft Bed Set at DreamCatcherSims4 via Sims 4 Updates. I managed to see a thread on functional bunk beds, and I searched and am unable to find it! January 2015 in General The Sims 4 Discussions. I managed to find a tutorial on how to make Sims 3 bunk beds, but not four. Bed and loft shell at Chisami via Sims 4 Updates – This is amazing!It’s always tough to find cool stuff like this cuz independent creators come up less often than well-used sites like TSR.

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sims 4 loft bed 3Welcome to The Sims 4, the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. And bunk beds. The desk, bed frame & shelves are new meshes by me (with books stolen from EA) & the chair is a conversion & retexture by me of Spaik’s Sintesi office chair. Loft Bunk Bed by DreamCatcherSims. Report Broken Link. This download is only for The Sims 4. How to install? Download from DreamCatcherSims. Sebastian Hyde updates his portfolio with 18 sheets of The Sims 4 icons. Some are already live and others look like hints of what’s to come like the bunk beds.

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