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Understanding Sizes of Double Garage Doors. When you add in the extra width of these cars, plus the width of the extended mirrors, these might be tough to pull into a narrow garage opening. If you have an older home, your garage door opening may be something other than standard. Double car garage doors typically start at 12 feet wide, and move up in 24-inch increments to 18 feet wide. If you have questions about your existing garage door size, or are planning a new garage, here are answers to some common questions. Enlarging a garage door opening is often nearly impossible without substantially increasing the size of the garage.

size of double garage door opening 2I suggest 20′ wide door for double garages, and a 10′ wide door for single garages. The standard was 8×7 & am I ever glad I went with the bigger size. If I want to give one of the cars a good cleaning, I like being able to pull it in right in the middle and opening both doors etc. 16 feet (4877mm) for a double car garage with obviously more width once you are inside the actual garage. The usual standard height specified is 7 feet (2134mm) but again in many cases now more height is required for higher 4 x 4 vehicles and the drive through height is almost never the same as the ordering height for almost all garage doors so beware!! The trouble with answering that basic question about size is that it does so much depend on the garage door type preferred as they all have different requirements for the actual brickwork opening required and it also depends on whether the door and sub fixing frame is being fitted in between or on the inside face (behind) of the structural opening. When considering your garage door dimensions, there are some standard dimensions that are normally used, especially if you are ordering premade doors. 16 feet is generally the standard for a double car garage, while 9 is the most common width for a single car garage. It is recommended that the depth of your garage be at least 6.89 feet to allow for the garage door to open properly.

Garage Door Schematic Click to view large Given that sectional doors are manufactured to standard sizes and you’re opening is unlikely to exactly match any of these sizes, you’ll to have work out the nearest door size which will fit. All up and over garage door sizes are expressed as the INTERNAL FRAME SIZE. If installing the door and frame between the brickwork and underneath the lintel, the brickwork opening needs to be 10mm wider and 5-10mm taller. Double Sectional Doors. Measure the garage door opening at its widest point, from the inside of one frame to the inside of the other frame. For double garages, you’ll need 25cm of space between doors.

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What are the standard size of double garage doors? You may consider altering the garage opening structurally and call in a builder to discuss the possibilities and costs. B&D Roll-A-Door will be perfect size and fit for your home no matter what sort of garage style you have. Top of the line in garage door design. Sleek D shaped lifting handle, conveniently located to assist you with opening and closing. Our double garage is 5.8 metres deep and 6 metres wide. With garage doors available in virtually any size, you can be left wondering whether there’s a garage door size standard. If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, opening a single-car door lets less outdoor cold or hot air into the garage than opening a double-car door. Garage dimensions for single, double, triple garages with various door combinations. On this garage dimensions page we’ll kick off with garage door dimensions by taking a look at a few car dimensions and thinking about what size garage door is best. To be able to open the average car door in a garage, there needs to be a minimum of 2ft 6ins or 76cm from the car door to the nearest obstruction. There is a variety of sizes in which garage doors are available.

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Also, what sizes to standard double garage doors come in? A double car garage is our most popular request for designing and building. Most standard vehicles will fit through this opening and many door options are available. The ideal size for an 8′ X 14′ garden shed is a 6′ X 6′ 6 garage door. If you live in a place where winters are frigid, opening a double garage door lets more cold air into the garage, quickly dropping the interior temperature. We were going to have a 5m wide double garage door, but now it looks like it may have to be. If the garage is constructed from brick then the opening size would be made to brick modules.