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Weapons Rack, Display Case, Bookshelf Console Codes – posted in Skyrim Questions and Help: These are some other things I cant seem to find the code for on the google sites: 1) A functioning Weapons or Sword Rack 2) A functioning display case (one that doesnt pop open whenever Vigilance walks by) 3) A nice functioning bookshelf that I can actually see. When I put weapons in any weapon rack any where in the game, my weapons get stuck and I can’t get them back. I just open the console commands, click on the offending weapon and then typemoveto playerFor me, it’s the Hearthfire weapon racks that have this problem. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Console Commands to Customize House?. I bought the house in Riften and want to add a mini-forge outside on the patio, take out some of the non-bookshelves to put more weapon racks, add another mannequin and some better lighting on the bottom floor.

skyrim weapon rack console command 2For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled Bookshelf ID’s?. I think it works similar to the weapon racks in that you have to create the shelf/rack object then add the invisible holders for the items. Any Console Command or Mod that shows me the effects of all ingredients? Archive code for adding mannequins and shield racks to breezehome? Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V. I don’t think we can spawn those from the command console, unless we can also spawn bookshelves and chests?. Ugh, the weapon racks in Skyrim infuriate me sometimes. What fixed it for me was spawning a copy with a console command, those ones behaved.

Breezehome is the cheapest house available for purchase in Skyrim, but it is also the only house in Skyrim that does not have an arcane enchanter. You can also use the following console commands to fix the issue. The weapon plaque in the loft and the weapon rack near the front door may be inaccessible. Page 1 of 4 – God dammit Bethesda, or: why the Lakeview Manor weapon rack can’t be fixed – posted in Unofficial Skyrim Patches: Its this rack I am talking about: The reasons for racks displaying certain items not in the expected position are roughly known: when the overall rotation around certain axes that has to be applied to the item to be placed on its node (overall rotation rotation value of the plaque in the respective cell plus rotation value specified on the items no. Object codes can be found with the Help command. Type: Help Chest 0 then use the PageUp and PageDown keys to look through the list for the code you want. Weapons Player.AddItem 0AA16F 1 Absorb Health Player.

Bookshelf Id’s?

skyrim weapon rack console command 3I had a similar problem when I put it on a weapon rack in my house in Solitude. I’ve found lost items by using the console tcl command and walking through walls in my homes. You can fix weapons that suffer from this glitch by placing them on a weapon rack. PCFix – Players can use the console command player.removeitem 000DABAB 1 to remove it from the players inventory, or, altenartively,. I could never activate that weapon rack. I hope they make a Story Mod with new enemies weapons even a new world wut about Paris that would be amazing Holy shit. Use the console command enableplayercontrols to retain your controls. In Breezehome, the weapon rack near the front door does not always function. Weapons appear in several different materials and styles, which determine the. What is the console command to walk through walls on skyrim for PC?


I recently built my house and filled the weapons racks with maces, swords, cool weapons. Does anybody have a console command fix, or mod, or any other way to fix this problem? I also have another separate though related problem. Plus, unless they’re also disabling console commands, it won’t be all that effective in actually balancing the game. You could even keep most of the same code for horses from Skyrim, just cut out the bit that makes the horse fight back. Functional weapon rack lets you build weapon racks like you see in the garage in the opening video Other than that I have a few mods just to improve a couple of visual elements such as: Nude body. Manual: Open the mod archive then extract the contents into the Skyrim Data directory, before activating it on the load list. Otherwise, in the game, open the console, point and click on any object, use the Disable command to remove. Ten-weapon rack plus weapon and shield plaques Balcony with a good view of the city Small heated bathroom Extensive storage options Bookshelves for collectors Can be used as a secondary home for two followers (using My Home is Your Home) Navmeshed Cleaned with TES5edit Script-Free No god items included Where to Find? As soon as you enter Solitude, turn to your right — It’s located in a tower to the right of the execution platform; take the staircase, following the lamps, until you find a door. Any handy console command to mess with whatever items you have equipped? I may need to just clear it to fists. I tend to give followers quest rewards I won’t use, better than hanging it on a weapon rack where it will bug out and shit.

The console is a powerful in-game tool only available to PC players. From the console it is possible, while playing the game, to enter commands that will alter most read more. There are some quirks when the main item is a mannequin, or weapon rack, as these have scripts to enable and disable parts, so parenting has to be avoided in some cases. In Breezehome, the weapon rack near the front door does not function. On the PC you can simply console command sexchange twice which forces a rerender.