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Has anyone had issues putting weapons and shields on the racks downstairs in Proudspire Manor? Mine won’t activate. I know this games buggy but I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Main article: Weapons (Skyrim) The Weapon Rack is an interactive object typically found in Houses. Activating a Weapon Rack, for the first time, will store the currently equipped weapon on the rack, and it can be retrieved at any time. If the option to use the weapon rack won’t appear, it’s possible to fix it by punching it with fists. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So the weapon racks in my game won’t work in Breezehome or Proudspire Manor, even though I bought every upgrade before visiting the latter. The option to activate them does appear, but no amount of punching them or rubbing weapons against them seems to work.

skyrim weapon rack won't activate 2I can’t activate my weapon racks in my whiterun house. But my wife playing on the same 360 with the same copy of the game can use hers just fine. There’s also another ‘weapon rack’ thing next to the Bookcase just at the entrance area. I’ve taken all the items off them, but I cannot place anything on them. It won’t let me do anything with the things at all. Like I said, from what I’ve been able to gather from other places, it’s a rather common Glitch. None of the weapon racks in the house work. I have bought everything for the house. A subreddit dedicated to the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Do you get the Activate Weapon Rack prompt? If so:.

Page 1 of 44 – Overhauling the weapon rack scripts – posted in Unofficial Skyrim Patches: During the last week, I have been going through the weapon rack scripts and found many bugs and glitches that have not yet been adressed. Wuuthrad: upon activating the statue, Wuuthrad is removed from the player’s inventory and said instance (which has been there all the time) is enabled (this also explains why any tempering done to Wuuthrad is lost in the process: what is put back in the player’s inventory is yet another instance of Wuuthrad, while the weapon initially carried by the player is lost; to fix this, the script would have to be rewritten to use an appropriate container as a temporary storage for that copy of the weapon that is initially removed from the player’s inventory). For PS3 – NONE, Not a single 1 of the weapon racks or plaques in Hjerim work at all and this REALLY sucks people. Accretor 09:29, 19 December 2011 (UTC) Im having the same problem on PS3 i bought the house then becone thane then finally purchased the upgrades and i still cant use any of the weapon racks and im not sure but are display cases meant to be activated like dagger cases are? I have the glitch where Blood on the Ice won’t work. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I have the weapon rack in Whiterun, and can definitely interact with it. I’m able to put two weapons on it, but it’s the bookshelf that is bugged for me- first time it opened fine, but after that it won’t activate.

Broken Weapon Racks

skyrim weapon rack won't activate 3The activator can be anything, from a simple player-activated trigger box, or a physical mesh. in the case of the example above I am using a stone pedestal mesh as the activator for the weapon display (physical 3d meshes IMO work better than invisible trigger boxes). For our example weapon rack, you will only need to fill the following:DisplayType – fill with a value of 1 MessageCount – fill with the Count message item you created. You won’t find anything until you’ve extracted the meshes bsa. You can’t activate the weapons racks in Jorrvaskr or Warmaiden’s, though. To fix this you have to sheathe or unsheathe your weapon or go to the items menu. Barred doors are able to be opened by activating the bar through the door. Enemies won’t respawn in the wilderness or along the roads. You can fix weapons that suffer from this glitch by placing them on a weapon rack. I just wanted to bump this to let everybody know, (or whoever is having similar issues), that it seems the weapon racks de-activate if you only buy one or two items in your home and then enter your home. Archive The House In Solitude Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls V. There a weapons rack that holds 2 to your right as you enter the house right next to the bookcase, if you have bought the improvement. It held two when I first got it, but I don’t get the Activate prompt anymore if it has one weapon on it. Thanks Mushy! LOTS of nifty additions there! And Jlwoody_ I know what you mean, my fail was the bookcase beside the weapons rack; same as yours; and when I put the Axe of Whiterun in the weapons rack, if it’s a battle axe it goes horizontally and won’t let me use the outside. TO THE WEAPON RACKS AND THE MANNEQUINS AND THEY DONT SEEM TO WORK! But the circular golden door with the certain order of symbols won’t unlock. I cant seem to get past the door of spikes to find mercer. there are two other levers that activate gears but other than that i cant find the way to lower the spikes. Like any other magical weapon, with a soul gem and choosing Recharge from the menu, although i was under the impression it needed no recharging.

Overhauling The Weapon Rack Scripts

The ultimate survival experience for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. My Exposure Points won’t change. If you drop a camping item near an NPC, they will occasionally try to return it to you even though you’ve already pitched your tent, set up your tanning rack, so on. I activated the mod, but the SkyUI menu still says that the mod is not activated. You must have your weapons / spells sheathed. We have many exclusive mods and resources you won’t find anywhere else. Start your search now. If you don’t want to drag and drop a weapon rack from a warehouse that is already included in the skyrim warehouses (seen in the creation kit), then you will need to copy the weapon rack and the Activator. They will activate via script already attached to the wall plaques. Fixed the four weapon racks in Armory that were coded wrong – Added Four working bookshelves, one library hallway is done. One question, how many more versions do you anticipate before we won’t have this problem? My mistake was spending hours organizing everything in a space that, let’s face it, was in beta. There are many bookshelves littered about Skyrim. If you happen to grab and pull a book out of your new bookshelf and plop it on the ground for example, then take the book directly and place it into your player inventory, the book will still be in the bookshelf’s inventory! This is because when you grabbed and moved the book and plopped it on the floor, the book went outside of the PlayerBookShelfTrigger box and when you take a book and put it into your player inventory when that book is not within the bounds of the PlayerBookShelfTrigger, the trigger won’t recognize that the book left and therefore won’t update the bookshelf’s inventory. Imagine a reinvented weapon rack that allows you to open up its inventory menu and place your weapons in it, then when you leave the inventory menu, all the weapons fill the rack in the order placed.

Skyrim mods that add dungeon and houses, like player homes. Activate mod from Skyrim Launcher. Enjoy! 1a. (Option) How to install this mod. If you shout or pick up some items in Dawnguard, these items won’t appear. This is how you level up your destruction, one handed weapon and two handed weapon skills at the very start of the game! I hope you appreciate and enjoy this short informative video, enjoy!. There are numerous bugs associated with this house/quest line i.e., weapon racks/mounts cannot be activated. It won’t regenerate for several weeks. The latest patch for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is available now on Steam, and will be available for consoles as soon as it makes it through Sony and. I wonder if they fixed the weapon racks. Sounds like they won’t have fixed my broken backwards flying dragons. Also, on one shelf, I tried to put more than 18 books on the shelf, got denied, and now I can’t activate the shelf:(. Chris Diokno replied to Andrew Celaya’s discussion I Can’t Activate Immersive Armors Mod in the group The Modder’s Workshop When you double click the mod in NMM, it should bring up a menu. Serana won’t disappear completely, she’ll pop up either at Fort Dawnguard or somewhere else. Skyrim GEMS is a 1-page, quick-reference catalog of lore-friendly Gameplay Enhancement Mods for Skyrim with a focus on mods that create a more realistic, immersive and challenging experience.