Sliding Closet Doors 96 Sample Plans PDF

How do I replace a non-standard (oversize) closet doors? It’s a 70s home and the master bedroom has a wonderfully large closet with a very heavy double-panel sliding door. Beside the obvious drawback that we can’t both use it at the same time (opening one side means the other side is blocked by both panels), it’s ugly and heavy. The one thing you won’t find in our sliding door solutions is plastic. I recently replaced some sliding closet doors with mirror sliding doors in my home.

sliding closet doors 96 2Sliding Panel Doors. Barn Doors & Hardware. Good day,We wish to extend our gratitude and thanks for the products and services provided by your firm, Piramid Mfg.The closet doors were installed on Tuesday, 20 May 2014. For a standard sliding door partition 72 x 96 with Plexiglas insert. (MSRP: Suggested retail price by the supplier, the retailer may sell for a different price.). Erias-Kingstar offers a wide variety of closet door products to complement interior decor. Standard heights: 6/8, 8/0 (fits openings 80 to 96-1/2 high).