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It takes an experienced burglar an average of just 60 seconds to break into a home, and 22 percent of the time, they enter through the back door. This is how you could make your sliding glass door more secure, our locksmiths shows you how Most homes and apartments now have a sliding glass door also know as a patio door. That small piece of metal breaks and the door will no longer lock. After you’ve done both of these, that is preventing the vertical and horizontal movement, let’s move on to some added safety. We provide the Armor latch sliding door deadbolt reinforcement for sliding glass doors, offering a quick, effective and attractive way to reinforce your sliding door against break-ins. It’s an effective, attractive way to reinforce your sliding glass door and prevent a break-in.

sliding glass door break-in prevention 2DIY Track Blocker: Many sliding glass doors and windows that slide horizontally (sideways) can be easily pried open at the latch. DIY Glass Protection Film: The weakest security link of sliding glass doors and windows is the glass. BREAKING: Publix Issues Listeria-Prompted Recall. According to reports, it only takes a burglar 60 seconds to break into a home, and 22 of those break-ins occur through. Did you know that sliding glass doors could potentially give burglars easy access into your home? According to many safety experts, sliding glass doors give thieves the opportunity to easily separate their rollers from tracks using commonly found tools, in order to make their way into homes. Reinforce windows with film: Your bandit will get the surprise of their life when they try to shatter your window only to find that although the glass has been broken, there’s an extra layer of film holding it all together, preventing them from entering your home. How quickly can a burglar to break into your home? Listed below are some good preventive measures if you don’t have a burglar alarm in place. There are several ways to secure these, such as adding auxiliary patio door locks, or installing screws into the track above the sliding door frame to keep the door from being lifted off the track.

If you do have sliding glass doors, glass door panels or nearby windows, however, cover the glass with a security grate or grille on the outside or a clear, unbreakable polycarbonate panel secured behind the glass on the inside. Even if your door is strong and has high-quality, properly installed locks, a burglar may be able to gain entry by breaking or prying the door frame. Securing your sliding glass door (patio door) is a must: Thieves target sliding glass doors because they’re easy to force open even if the conventional lock is engaged. To prevent someone from breaking the glass to get in, install a tough window film (sold at local glass installers). Summertime is peak season for house thefts, according to the Burglary Prevention Council, which keeps statistics on where intruders break in.

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The most common home burglary modus operandi in my area goes like this: once a house has been targeted, the burglar will park his car around the block and walk over. Townhouses often have poorly secured sliding glass doors and small enclosed back yards, attractive elements for the burglar. Arcadia (sliding glass) Doors – Many burglars enter homes through poorly protected sliding glass doors. Additional locks and security measures here will prevent the door from being opened or lifted out of the track. Once you see how easy it is to break in, you might want to fix your window so no one with bad intentions can unlatch it, then hide a spare key to use if you ever lock yourself out. Push the fold of the paper strip in, between the sliding glass and its weather seal, several inches above the latch. If you have oower windows or doors the person "helping" you, can dislodge or jam one of the plugs and then you have a 100. While sliding glass doors are the ideal option for allowing natural light into your home and they offer architectural appeal to a structure, they can also present serious security risks. Some of the most common tools used for preventing sliding glass door break ins include:. Preventing Thieves from Breaking in Through Your Sliding Patio Door The amount of home break-ins in the community of Varina has gone up in the last decade. Stop intruders from entering your home through a vulnerable sliding glass door. Sliding doors present an attractive entry point for intruders. Breaking the glass of a sliding door may draw unwanted.

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Sliding glass doors present serious security risks. Here are some of the most common tools used for preventing sliding glass door break ins. It takes only seconds to break the glass and unlock the door. Most arcadian doors and sliding windows come equipped with a lock that is easily pried open. Unlike an adjustable door brace or broomstick in the door, NIGHTLOCK Patio anchors securely to the ground and uses the strength of the floor to keep your sliding door securely shut. Burglary prevention must start with the small merchant – you. They cannot be opened by sliding a piece of flexible material between the door edge and door jamb. This fact means that on a glass door there is no handle for a burglar to reach by merely breaking the glass.