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When locked, the Defender Security Patio Chrome Sliding Door Pin prevents anyone from lifting or sliding your door. The pin stores in an included holder and can lock your door in a ventilated position. The Prime-Line Sliding Patio Door Pin Lock, with Retaining Ball, Chrome Plated is an excellent match for patio doors. It includes fasteners and holder for pin. Standard sliding glass door locks often prove to be inadequate.

sliding glass door pin lock 2The EASIEST lock to defeat is the sliding glass door. Whether its a dowel or other piece of wood or pipe, or a pin that goes through the track, put SOMEHTING there. These sliding glass door locks are made to install with your current patio lock for added security. Night Lock Pin for Sliding Patio Door – 2 Colors. Hi What is the best way yo secure glass sliding door. Prime-Line, Sliding Patio Door Pin Lock, with Retaining Ball, Chrome Plated, S 4066 at The Home Depot – Mobile.

Add a sliding glass door security bar or rod as a secondary lock. You can do this for sliding doors and you can also add them to any sliding windows that you don’t already have pin locks in. Sliding Glass Door Inside Handle with Lock. Hinged and sliding pin locks permit the upper or lower sash to be opened, providing ventilation. Sliding Glass Door Pin. 0.00. Swing Bar Door Guard.

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Patio door locks, pin lock with retaining ring, chrome plated. Sliding glass door nite lock pin, case hardened steel pin, installs between moving panel and fixed rail, prevents prying or lifting of door. This is how you could make your sliding glass door more secure, our locksmiths shows you how Most homes and apartments now have a sliding glass door also know as a patio door. At our locksmith shop many people are concerned about bump keys, secure deadbolts, secure doorknobs, pick resistant pins, but most burglaries actually occur through the window or sliding door. It’s much easier for the thief to pry open that door order lifted off the track that it is to break the glass or pick a lock or drill a lock or bump a lot. See more about Sliding Glass Door, Locks and Sliding Patio Doors. Standard sliding glass door locks aren’t really locks at all. They’re simply a very weak clasp, usually made of weak cast metal or vinyl. Insert a pin near the bottom of the doors that locks the 2 frames together. These pins are also available in home improvement stores. SC Series Keyed cabinet locks – order from the Hfele America Shop. Buy Prime Line Products E2103 Sliding Glass Door Lock at Sliding door cylinder lock; Schlage keyway; 5 pin tumbler. More about this item.

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Miller Industries Sliding Glass Door Lock. On sale for 65. Black Sliding Door Pin Lock with Ring. Push pin lock easily installs in sliding wooden doors. When locked, a steel pin prevents both sliding doors from moving: Spring loaded pin releases easily when unlocked.