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Commercial Safety Series films pairs the basic shatter protection of a clear or tinted sun-control film for your building with a thicker adhesive to help hold glass together. Ultra Safety and Security Films, they do help provide additional safety and security. The house also has 6 Hurricane proof Sliding Glass Doors. Apply Safety & Security window film to help slow intruders, safeguard against damage from pets or children at play, and more. It’s a smart choice for vulnerable, smooth glass surfaces all around your home: basement windows, sliding glass doors, shower doors, and even glass tabletops. Got security film on a sliding glass patio door. I think it was the 3M stuff. It was tested by accident also. Rock was thrown (by lawnmower) into window.

how to make sliding glass door slide easier 2Burglars love sliding-glass doors: How to make your home safer. Although police could not say exactly how many burglars entered each home through sliding-glass doors, experts agree those are the most difficult places to secure. An alternative to replacing the glass would be fortifying the doors with a window film. Sliding glass doors seem like a glaring weakness in home security. Usually they have a crappy latch / lock and are essentially a giant piece of glass. 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Films now provide a tough, durable protective safety shield when professionally installed to the inside of your windows, for your family and your home. Safety film offers UV protection as wellblocking up to 98 of damaging ultra-violet ray. Break-Ins: Windows are your weakest link of security.

Page 1 of 2 – Security film for sliding glass patio door – posted in Safety and Security Film: I had a smash and grab through my sliding glass patio door. I am looking to put a security film on my patio door glass to protect against intrusion. That large, sliding glass patio door that you love because it lets in so much natural light? Yeah, burglars love them, too. Security window film is a thin, protective sheet that can be applied to glass to make it more difficult to break through.

Burglars Love Sliding-glass Doors: How To Make Your Home Safer

how to make sliding glass door slide easier 3Though your sliding door may look like an insurmountable security challenge, there are ways to secure patio &hellip. The film basically makes the glass shatter proof and holds all the shards in place. We are having 3M Security Film installed as I am typing. No, it isn’t the penultimate answer but I will be having someone come out give me a quote on protecting my sliding glass doors. Attachment systems are generally not used on residential jobs but even 4 mil thick film installed on a sliding glass door will reject a 4 foot long 2×4 shot through an air cannon around 110 mph, probably a few times. Learn how it works and the benefits safety and security film can have for you. There is a high incidence of people walking through sliding glass doors near swimming pools, caused primarily by surface water glare and the presence of slippery surfaces around a pool. Window glass performs a vital function in buildings; however, the nature of glass creates certain hazards. Tempered Glass – Tempered glass in the type of glass commonly in automobiles, many commercial properties and sliding glass doors. Another DIY solution for securing sliding glass doors is to fortify them with security film such as 3M Safety & Security Film Ultra S600.

Security Film For Sliding Glass Patio Door

Sliding glass doors or patio doors are quite common in many of our homes these days. You may need both a Covering and Film or Screens for reasons such as Fade Reduction ( Coverings only work when closed and need protection from the Sun! ). Types of Dead Bolt Locks for a Security Sliding Door eHow. Pin it. Like. Someone once told me there’s a film you can put on windows. After a break-in last year, I installed solid-core security bars on every window and a swinging security-bar gate on the sliding glass door. Security Assessment Group LLC in Las Vegas, NV provides services such as 3M Window Security Film (window tint), security doors, anti-kick door reinforcement kits, and pry resistant sliding glass door latches. Free estimates and no interest financing are available.

In the event that there is a break in attempt on your home or business, the security film on your glass doors and windows will help keep the glass in one piece, preventing entry.