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The bottom track needs a more substantial lubricant than silicone; rub it a few times with a block of paraffin wax (above). Sliding glass doors can become difficult to open because the track accumulates dirt and debris. The steps below tell you how to keep your sliding glass door sliding smoothly. Apply a non-stick silicone lubricant to the wheels. Pella recommends you inspect your windows and patio doors at least annually as part of a home checkup. You may want to apply a thin layer of paraffin or other dry lubricant (Teflon Dry Lubricant or Gulf Wax, available at most home improvement stores, works well). To replace, insert the lower track into the door frame and press it down all the way across.

sliding glass door track lubricant 2A sliding door relies on an upper and lower track, along with rollers that keep it in place, to slide smoothly back and forth. Spray some lubricant on a rag and wipe down the tracks after they have been vacuumed. The most common cause of a sticking patio door is debris in the lower track. In addition to cleaning and lubricating sliding-door tracks, you want to lubricate the door lock. I suppose I need something that will lube the tracks for at least a few weeks, without attracting too much dirt and grime to the lubricant itself. You other statement It is not a good lubricant might be true– especially in the OP’s case where there are products designed for sliding door rollers— if lubrication is really what they need.

Another popular method of lubricating and smoothing out a sliding door track is to simply spray a light mineral oil directly on the track and slide it back and forth until the lubricant has been fully distributed along the track. Fortunately, most problems with sliding patio doors can be fixed relatively easily. Cleaning and lubricating the bottom track may be sufficient. I recently moved to Florida where sliding glass doors seen prevalent. It doesn’t leave an oily residue to gunk up the tracks and made almost immovable windows slide freely again.

How To Lubricate A Sliding Door

You know, sliding glass doors that stick like this can certainly be annoying and sometimes even dangerous. I recommend lubricating the glide wheels, cleaning the bottom track and applying a coat of paste wax. Here’s how to repair your sliding door and replace a flimsy screen. Raise it just enough to clear the track and roll smoothly. Several online companies custom-cut them to fit your patio door (two sources are and apexproducts. Use Ultra Glide for every door in the house, including sliding glass doors, pocket doors, patio doors, and garage and storage shed doors. Name: Sliding Glass Door Roller, Pella, Price: 29.92, Code: 81-244. The active patio door is set up to roll on two pair of steel wheels. You need to lube where it touches the vinyl, WD-40 or a silicon based lube. The cabinet has sliding glass doors in front of the shelves and they are really hard to slide. Lubricants Once you know that the track is free of debris and dirt, then you are ready to begin applying a lubricant to the sliding door track.

Smoothing Your Sliding Door Track

2007 sienna what kind of lubrbrication i could use for sliding door tracks and how much should there be? Can i use general all purpose grease? my. Noisy sliding glass door. The bearing or whatever it is on the slide track is very noisy. Does anyone have some better lubrication ideas? Slider – Slicker is Dry, Rub-On Lubricating Stick for applying a Thin, High Pressure, High Shear Lubrication Layer to binding surfaces which are in direct sliding contact. I just installed some new sliding closet doors, but unfortunately they’re a bit squeaky/noisy when operating. I’m not entirely sure what the rollers are made of, they’re some kind of plastic or nylon rollers that fit in an extruded aluminum track.

When tracks are clean and smooth, close the sliding glass door wall and clean the tracks on the other side of the door. Lubricate the tracks and wheels with 100 percent white lithium grease. Patio door tracks need more upkeep. Vacuum out loose debris and scrub out compacted dirt with a toothbrush. Use a silicone lubricant to keep the door moving freely.