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Firewood Processors from Hud-son. All in one firewood processors, log splitters, wood splitters including the Badger, the Brute and the Wolverine. Find great deals on eBay for Firewood Processor in Forestry Equipment and Supplies. View DetailsProudly Made In Hartford, Wisconsin!!!!! Lil Beaver 13 Firewood Processor the most economical and perfect machine for the homeowner that cuts and burns his own firewood or small commercial producer. Apache Forest Products is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the Japa line of Firewood processors manufactured in Finland. Japa Firewood processing machines are among the world s fastest, safest and most efficient firewood processing machines and are easy to use! We have many models to choose from and related accessories.

small wood processor 2Multitek is a worldwide leader in firewood processing machinery specializing in firewood processing equipment. Our history of forestry equipment dates back to the 1970s in the small Wisconsin town of Prentice. Cord King of Canada has been building firewood processors since 1978. This is the newest entry to our line of skid steer firewood processor attachments. Designed with the homeowner or small ranch or farm in mind, attachment has a fixed 4-way splitting wedge & reduced weight, it’s the perfect machine for your small or mid-sized skid steer, excavator, wheel loader, track loader or compact tractor with minimum 15.

7958 for a firewood processor! The chain in my opinion is to small for firewood. Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation is a leading U.S. creator of durable, high quality log splitters, firewood processors and firewood conveyors. Turner Band Sawmills offers for sale portable bandsaw mills ranging from a basic ground unit to a full hydraulic trailer model. Custom built sizes available.

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small wood processor 3The New Wolverine Firewood Processor line is now ready to go and there are 4 models available. The Wolverine is designed with the homeowner, farmer and small wood businesses in mind. The PALAX series offers new top of the line firewood processors – Palax 55, Palax Combi MII, Palax Active, Palax KS35 Ergo, Palax KS35S (Joystick), Palax KS40 Ergo, Palax KS40S (Joystick), Palax KS45S (Joystick), Palax Power90S (Joystick), Palax90SG (Joystick) and Palax Power100S (Joystick). So the machine fits into a small space. A firewood processor is a machine designed to cut and split firewood with minimal manual handling of the logs. For example, people who heat with large outside wood boilers prefer large, slow-burning pieces of hardwood, while a good campfire is made of small pieces of fast-burning softwood. Restaurants with wood-fired ovens prefer small pieces as well, but of hardwood or specialty species. Firewood Processors in the Very Small Class typically range from 10 – 20 HP and up to 2 cords per hour. Please click on each machine name to see more specifications, reviews, and photos. Firewood Processor- Woodbine and Rapido Loco from CRD Metalworks. Produce 5+ cords of split cordwood an hour with ease of maintenance. Quality New and Used Firewood Processors For Sale at Lumbermenonline.

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Oakleaf Forestry is a Firewood Production and Forestry Equipment distribution company based in Co Armagh, in the north of Ireland supplying some of Europe’s finest farm and forestry machinery. From small basic machines for occasional use through to larger professional Firewood Processors, the Palax range offers safe, durable, reliable machines to suit every application. The processors are generally categorized by the amount of wood they can process in one hour. On average a smaller unit can cut and split one cord of firewood per hour.