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My plan tomorrow is to take all 22 sets of drawer slides and cleaning them thoroughly. It was you and the fact that most used Snap-On (etc.) boxes were asking money in the ballpark of a brand new Lista work center that made me almost give up my search and to start saveing pennies for one of these. What do you guys use to lube the drawer slides? I have used white lithium grease on the drawer slides on my Snap On Heavy Duty Road Chest for the last 10 years. The original product for Snap-on was a new wrench design that allowed different size sockets to attach. Periodically, owners should dust off and wash their tool box to prevent dirt and grease from building up. The same method can keep dirt out of the drawer slide rails.

lubricating snap on drawers 2End result is that all the drawers slide pretty well now. Right now i’ve only used WH-40 to lubricate the slides but i’m wanting to use a better long term lubricant when I get more time. I have a Kennedy Versa-Cart with friction drawer slides. After twenty+ years of accumulating tools and junk the drawers are loaded, and are getting harder and harder to open and close. All the ball bearing slides are the snap in type mounts. JL. The Craftsman bench is OK, but I have to lube the slides from time to time. PS, the Husky is every bit as good and costs about 1/3 the price of the Craftsman tool boxes. The functioning of the drawer extended lubricant through the slide, and will lubricate the entire piece and the bearing Assembly. How to forcibly open a Snap-On tool box.

I just bought a twenty-year old Snap-On box that has friction slides for all the drawers except the bottom one. The slides are sticky since the previous owner had lubricated them with a heavy grease. Hi-Lo temperature grease Temperature Range: -40 F (-4 C) to + 130 F (+55 C). So yesterday I went and bought a snap-on roll cab and I can’t find a model number on it anywhere. I got it all cleaned out and lubed up the slides and all the drawers work fine after some tinkering with it but it could really use two LH slides as two of the drawers are still a bit stiff in the second half of the travel, I had to cut down the sheetmetal bearing race in one of them to get it working it was all mangled and froze up when I got it, works fine now just a little stiff. You have to remove the drawer to lube the rear slides properly.

Restoring A Snap On Kr537

lubricating snap on drawers 3The drawer’s operation will spread the lubricant across the slide, and will re-lube the entire slide and bearing assembly. How to Remove the Drawers From a Snap-On Toolbox With Ball Bearing. Submitted 2 years ago by pancakekiller77Subaru Lube tech. The Snap on guy had to repo it from someone and so i bought i half off the box is still brand new. I have the 72 inch wide Montezuma box with 15 drawers. Snap on still warranties the slides and they were able to get me a non worn out key. Design and manufacture of precision ball bearing drawer slides. Company history, product literature and distributor locator. I agree, I think some non-skid drawer liners and new slide lube and I’ll be good to go. Zipper and Snap lubricant for Boats, Jeeps, Campers and much, much more! I am not saying you have to own Snap-On right off the bat or to sink 30k into tools. Snap-On, Mac, Matco, Cornwell, Craftsman Industrial (With optional slides) Tool Carts US General Pro (Starter), Snap-On, Mac, Matco, Cornwell Leather Gloves 1 thick pair, 1 thin pair, 1 spare of each, rough leather for grip Nitrile Gloves Midknight Cloth /w Rubber Palm/Fingers MadGrip (Do not use with solvents, ok in the cold) If you find any spelling errors or incorrect words pm me i will fix it.

Lubricant For Tool Box Slides?

I have a snap on box and I wax it with a cleaner wax as Mike suggested. Any know of the best way to lube ball bearing drawers there a little sticky. The toolbox is cleaning up great, the only problem i have now is one of the emblems is sideways i dont kno the best way to straighten it out use floss and re mount it or use a blow dryer and slide it into place. im trying to figure out the best way to loose the least adhesive, I just dont want it to curl up and not stick anymoreany ideas?. I have both KRA and KRL, I like the KRA for a road box due to the friction slides. I purposely do not lube them so the drawers are hard to slide open preventing a drawer from opening accidentally while driving. What are you guys using to lubricate the roller drawer slides of your tool boxes? I don’t want to put anything on them that may be TOO thick and actually wind up trapping and retaining dust and grit. I have also used dry film lubricant and silicone spray in the past with great results. I just bought a used Snap-On box this weekend. My delima is I can’t allow myself to wander on the snap on truck and sign up for a lifetime of payments on a bazillion dollar tool box.