Snap On Road Chest Tool Box Sample Plans PDF

Snap On Vintage 7 Drawer Tool Box Chest Cabinet 2643-131. I found one at Northern Tool and Equipment, name on the box is International. I am considering the purchase of a Heavy Duty Road Chest from Snap-on and was wondering if anyone had any information I should know about it? Being a Student I get a grand off the msrp, and starting apprenticeship between two provinces in May is why I am looking at purchasing one. Good tool box and they hold their value if you take care of it.

snap on road chest tool box 2I would put this tool box up against the Snap-On road chest any day. No damage of any kind except some scratches on the paint. They’ve been used but not abused. These are very sturdy boxes, the sturdiest Snap On boxes I’. And yes it was a long walk to the truck with my junk Chicom Toolbox. Replaced it with a new Snap-On Heavy Duty Road Chest. My father’s heavy truck mechanic has been working out of one daily for 15 years.

W drawers each hold up to 75 lbs. of big tools Open and close easily on heavy-duty slides Three drawers are 2in. I would put this tool box up against the Snap-On road chest any day. Caterpillar offers many different types of tool boxes, tool cases and tool chests to give you the tool storage options you need for more efficient operations, including:. 325-1133 Chest Tool Box. Out of 20 techs here working with me all but 2 have a old style Snap-on heavy duty road chest, which is what i want. A few tried MAC boxes and ended up trading them in, I don’t like them either.

5-drawer Portable Locking Steel Road Chest X 17 X

heavy duty road chest tool box 3Contact Ryan show contact infoSnap-On, snap on, toolbox, tool box, tool chest. Hey Guys, I am new to the forum and found this great website searching for information about my newly acquired snap on tool box. I also have this tool boxes cousin. That’s a cute lil road chest. FREE DELIVERY tool chest cabinet tool box on snap lock wheels. Selling a variety of fun and popular games for children. The Snap-on Tools Corporation, for example, has created a business model that combines the top-drawer cachet of a Louis Vuitton, the credit philosophy of a Wells Fargo and the convenience of the Good Humor Man, an odd but compelling amalgam that has put the company at the pinnacle of its market, significantly distancing it from the competition. Snap-on tools in his 25-year career and still uses the ones from his first toolbox. Mr. Lucas said, but measured by number of vans on the road, Snap-on owns 60 percent of the business. The new Dog Box from Snap-on Industrial is a rolling tool box that makes moving tools across a hangar, tarmac or facility a breeze. From Snap-on Industrial Snap-on Industrial has made moving tools a lot easier, thanks to its new All Weather Mobile Tool Chest. The 34-inch Service Road Box has been designed for ultimate portability between job sites.

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I was wondering if anyone had a Waterloo toolbox, and if they liked it or not, seeing as its cheeper than snap-on, and has simular latches. Im looking at buying a new toolbox, one with drawer latches, like the snap-on ones (so your drawers dont slide open when you move your box). I have 2 Matco boxes in the shop and a road chest mounted on my utility truck and really like them.