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Our soft close full extension drawer are HORRIBLE! All the drawer slides are Mepla dynamic NT undermount soft-close slides. We built and installed this for 3200. Yes, we lost money on this job. Soft-close drawer slides are bothered by dust, and require careful installation. I have used the Blum in the past and the dust is a real problem.

soft closing drawer slides problems 2And this is where I agree with her: If you have back problems or any arm/wrist/joint problems, this extra suction might pose a bit of a challenge when opening those drawers. I have my concerns that they will last, and this is a problem for me since they are custom built specifically for these slides. As long as the drawer and the roller slides are not damaged, the fix is straightforward. The jarring sound of a cabinet door slamming shut is bad enough, but this problem can also be a gateway to others: When doors repeatedly slam against the cabinet face, the force and vibrations can cause hinges to come loose and doors to get knocked out of whack. Soft-close hardware is available for doors and drawers that replaces the current hinges or drawer sides, allowing for soft, quiet closings.

To me, the soft-close feature on drawer slides and door hinges are wonderful. Back in the day, the original pistons were oil-driven and presented some problems, while modern pistons are air-driven and work great, according to Martin. Automatic closing drawers or self-closing drawers are drawers that retract back into the cabinetry with a simple nudge. Clean the metal slides on the drawer with a soft cloth. Spray the slides and runners with compressed air, if available, to help clean out any dust and debris that may be causing trouble. Trouble shooting. Check and see if the drawer outer width is equal from front to back; the drawer must also be in box rectangular shape and has the same diagonal length. I. Ball bearing drawer slide smoothness issue troubleshooting 1.

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soft closing drawer slides problems 3The drawer is a soft close drawer – probably about 8 years old now and all of a sudden it has decided that it doesn’t want to stay shut. It comes open all by itself. Any advice to fix the problem or what I should do? I’ve installed blum soft close drawer slides and never had a single hiccup. the soft close mechanism is likely replaceable, or even removable. High Quality 3-Fold Soft Closing Ball Bearing Drawer Slides Min. Order: 5000 Sets FOB Price: US 0. Telescopic channel drawer slide with soft closing type with metal box Min. Order: 1000 Sets FOB Price: US 0. Inquire Now. Problem with image or description? Prevent drawers from slamming shut with this Liberty Soft Close Ball Bearing Full Extension Drawer Slide. Includes mounting hardware for easy installation. A range of soft-close drawer runners and other innovative and user-friendly solutions to storage and access problems. We had a new kitchen installed last year, and many of the drawers are extra deep, with 700mm or 750mm Grass soft close runners. The problem is that when they are loaded, they won’t stay part open -if you open them one third of the way, they will continue to open on their own, accelerating as they go until they crash on the opening end stops -not good for china and glass!We had the Grass rep in to look at them, and he sent a pair of runners back to Switzerland for testing, but the diagnosis was that there was no fault with the runners -apparently the specification allows 4 sag at max load.

Silence Is Golden: Soft-close Hinges And Slides Deaden The Bang, Quiet The Slam