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Enjoy space-saving functionality with these sleek suit hangers featuring a handy accessory bar for organizing belts, scarves, and ties. Velvety covering and flocked top keep clothes from slipping and securely in place. A built-in hook allows the hangers to cascade, saving even more closet space. Hangers & hooks keep clothing off the floor; a scarf organizer or belt organizer helps stop the mad dash to get dressed & search for accessories. From traditional wood and iron hangers to modern plastic Slim Grips that add a touch of color and utilize less space, Bed Bath & Beyond has it all.

space saving hangers bed bath and beyond 2Slimline hangers are flocked so they hold clothing in place. The ultra-slim design maximizes closet space, and the built-in hooks provide more options. Real Simple Slimline Swing Arm Pant Hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond 9.99/set of 2. 3. Product: Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers Source: Bed Bath & Beyond Price: A set of 10 for 9. We wouldn’t have splurged without the 20 off coupon, can’t say we regret the switch as it did give us more space in our cramped closet but we’re not sure the non-slip flocking is such a great thing after all.

Space-saving clothes hangers from The Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond,, DormCo, IKEA, Target, and Amazon. The space saving hangers are a must for ANY closet. I bought mine at Costco, but you can also get them at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Home Goods, pretty much everywhere. I’ve decided I love these steel hangers from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Real Simple Slimline Hangers With Built-in Hooks (set Of 50)

Remember how I said my new hangers saved me so much space? Check it out! The thin hangers can also be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and Costco. My smaller suitcases are in side of the bigger ones to save space. A few tips to organize your closet space when you don’t have a lot of it! Hangers, shoe racks, and baskets make storage easy! How to Organize Your Closet with Bed Bath & Beyond. 2.22.2016 by Jenna. I love that you can hang them off of each other to save space on the closet rod. I started with my longest skirts/pants first and then hung in order of decreasing length. Bed, Bath and Beyond and Home Depot have a wide selection of over-the-door products. Posts about Bed Bath and Beyond written by familyfavs. And to keep all of my jeans and other pants neat and tidy, I rely on these space-saving hangers, which if you find yourself in a many-trousered way, you should give them a try. I love how well they work, how much space they save and how cute they look! I just picked up the Bed, Bath and Beyond version ‘Ultra Slim Flocked Hangers’ a few days ago and redid my closet with them. Bed & Bath Bed & Bath. They save a ton of space, feel sturdy, and really makes a closet look so streamlined.

Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Before you head off to Bed, Bath & Beyond with a giant list, shop at home first. Use space-saving huggable hangers and cabinet shelves in your closet. Splash on some colorful paint, and you have a space-saving solution that is downright artistic. Tackle your closet clutter with these cascading hangers. This space-saving, slim-profile set of 100 hangers keeps you organized–with a velvety surface that prevents clothing from slipping to the floo. Shop for Bed Bath & Beyond Clothes Hangers products – Choose from our large selection of Bed Bath & Beyond Clothes Hangers products from the most popular online stores at BHG.

Keep your closet organized with the help of these space-saving hangers. My Bed Bath and Beyond sells both the Huggable Hangers and the Real Simple clones. I just heard about huggable hangers and it seems like overall the reviews are pretty positive about them. If you still have half the closet filled with bulkier wooden or plastic hangers, you won’t feel the space-saving as much. Bed Bath and Beyond sells the copycat version, and I can hardly imagine they would sell something that has had a lot of complaints. Ultra Slim Black Flocked Hangers: Bed, Bath and Beyond offers these thin options that claim to save up to 50 of your closet space. The independent retailer partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to host its seventh annual design challenge, encouraging young designers to create innovative products meant to solve some of these familiar problems. The hanger folds upright to save space when not in use.