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Spoon carving is fast and easy – you can make one in an hour. Draw out your spoon design on your stock, ensuring that the grain runs straight through the entire spoon. Easy tutorial on how to make your own gorgeous hand-carved wooden spoon. Templates, a router guide, and some cove bits reduced my working time to about 15 minutes. Carving a wooden spoon is a great activity because the process is directed, but still has a place for creativity. It’s easy enough for anyone to learn and delivers success at virtually any level of completion because there’s always a use for an odd spoon and even when they don’t go exactly to plan, they still come out as a beautiful handmade work of functional art.

spoon wood carving plans 2I have a beautiful wooden spoon, one of my favorite things in my kitchen. So when I stumbled on an old article from Mother Earth News on how to carve your own wooden spoon, I was intrigued. If you want more detailed instructions, consider Edward Smith’s Making Wooden Spoons from For the Love of Wood which has pictures or watching one of the many videos you can find on the internet, like the one above. How to Carve a Wooden Spoon With a Few Simple Hand Tools. They can be made with just a few simple tools, and the possibilities for designs and styles are endless. Mora 120 and 164 knives for making wooden spoons and wood carving.

Here is an in depth tutorial on how to go about carving wooden spoons, everything from stock selection to finishing. After spending hours looking up hand carved wooden spoons, or wooden spoons in general, I thought I should share with you some that I found. I also love their salad fingers, one of my favorite ideas yet! Title: Daily Spoon Material: Wood Dimesion: 365 spoons, 10-30 cm long The past year Stian spent most of his time exploring the unique organic qualities of wood and how adding of a function can beautifully refine a piece of wood. The project consists of 365 unique hand carved spoons made from various types of wood. In a modern industrial production the machines overwrites the wooden structures and natural growth pattern.

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spoon wood carving plans 3By Robin Wood on April 12, 2016 in films, spoon carving. I have many axes and wanted to share a comparison of the most popular carving axes alongside my own new design. Daily Spoon: A One-year Woodcarving Project by Stian Korntved Ruud. Typical of a large percentage of Norwegian design, Ruud uses wood and various natural materials in his craft; his varied projects demonstrate what is undoubtedly an intuitive as well as learned understanding of materials and how they can be worked. Yesterday I ran a spoon carving course teaching students to carve spoons using just an axe and two knives. I decided to leave it and do a free form chip carving of a flower and leaf design. I have been introduced to spoon carving and greenwood working almost 4 years ago while visiting friends in the UK, and got inspired to take it to the next step and my full day occupation after attending Spoonfest 2014. He’s also the builder of our beautiful spoonfest wood fired pizza oven. He picked up spoon carving as a design activity in 2004, looking for a simple and direct approach to design humble products that matter for people, both in a visual- and ergonomical aspect. That’s because carving a spoon, like other forms of woodworking, is really a matter of knowing your material. For his job, Korntved Ruud runs a design collective with two friends. Repeat for each shaded section until the spoon is the same design as the drawing. First remove wood so that the top of the spoon follows the line drawn along the side.

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