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In short, you can’t. We allow you to configure the prefix in the job repository, but the facility for creating those tables automatically is via static SQL scripts so there is no configurable way to define what that prefix will be when creating the tables. You should only have one set of tables for both jobRepository and jobExplorer. Both beans will use the default table prefix BATCH_ if you don’t change it explicitly (which you normally won’t). Hi all, I am developing batch job using spring batch. The application server is Glassfish 3.

spring batch table prefix 2Le schma sur lequel s’appuie Spring Bath est compos de 6 tables. Spring Batch Admin Table Prefix Issue All: Downloaded, installed, and built the spring-batch-admin-1.2.0.RELEASE and then copied the resulting WAR file to the Tomcat 5. I have tried to use Spel and supply the prefix name on the command line, but the jobParameters object is not actually instantiated until the job begins (which is too late). How can I communicate to Spring Batch at runtime to tell it which instance of the job repository to use? Thanks!.

TablePrefix property within batch jobRepository bean configuration. Spring Batch Admin User Guide Version: 1.3.0 Authors: Dave Syer Spring Batch Admin provides a webbased user interface that features an admin console for Spring Batch applications and systems.

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