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When properly installed, these spring loaded supports provide the proper torque to ensure that a hinged lid stays open in the position to which it was raised: To determine supports required for your application, multiply one-half the distance – in inches – from the front to the back of the lid times the weight of the lid – in pounds:. All mounting dimensions are measured from the center of the hinge pin. NOTE: As indicated below, springs are color coded to match capacities. Toy Box Lid Stays are great for adding a soft close and holding open application to a top box lid and we offer left and right hand options. Top Box Lid Stays are designed for kitchen top cupboards and offer the ability to lock a door open and then release when finished. I’ve got a set of those spring loaded lid stays that I’m putting on in addition to normal hinges. Having a horrible time trying to get them to line up correctly. I was wondering what everyone else uses? I think there are some hinges that are tougher to close that won’t slam shut, also add on’s like gas shocks, etc.

spring loaded hinges for toy box 2Now there’s no load on the hinges when someone sits on it. 2 x Gas Strut Lid Stay Support Kitchen Cabinet Door/Toy Box Hinge 150N. 8.99. I built a toy box (see pic) for a little girl and I need some system that will keep it from slamming. I have the below from Lee Valley, but I couldn’t figure out how they would work with the dimensions I have, and they were very helpful (as always!) and confirmed that they would indeed not work. I used those spring loaded type hinges from Rockler (Link: HERE). They work very well! An adjustable spring loaded support holds lids in open position. Cedar Chest Hinge and Lid Support.

BEST ANSWER: i know I used them on all my toy boxes I made and no one has gotten hurt by the lid. The Everbilt Universal Lid Support is ideal for use on cabinets, boxes and chests. It works for right, left and center support. I built a birch 3/4 plywood toy chest with double lids measuring about 12 x 24 and each weighing about 3-4 lbs. That’s because the weight of the lid was not sufficient to overcome the tension of the spring pushing against the cam section that’s screwed to the lid. Re the snap shut comment – its a bit hard to explain but these hinges have a soft closing hinge and also a spring loaded cam pivot on the arm.

Lid Support: Building & Hardware

I have looked at different hinge options and was wondering if I should go with a piano hinge with a lid support, torsion hinges, or something completely different. Lid stay folding lid arm holder flap stays box hinges support hinge toy box hinge quadrant hinge cedar chest hinges bench seat hinges swing-up hinges folding support spring lid support cabinet lid support soft-down lid supports soft-down stays Featuring lid stays various lid support chest case arm stay furniture hanging holder heavy duty case support Lid support for trunk/chest lid hinges for soft-closing cabinets and chests Weight-rated lid supports for toy boxes and chests Quick details: Spring-loaded supports are available for left,right or center mount. Toy Boxes and Toy Chests. These accidents happened when children climbed into toy chests to hide or sleep. One supplier of hinges to the cabinetmaking industry has agreed to make its spring-loaded support device available directly to consumers. Storage Entryway Bench Brown Chest Toy Box Kids Room Bedroom Safety Hinge Modern. SPRING LOADED TOY BOX AND CHEST LID SUPPORT – Woodworker’s Supply.

Lid-stay Torsion Hinge Lid Supports, Rustic Bronze Finish