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I like painted trim, but am looking for inspiration in stained wood because my new ( old ) house is full of it. Discover thousands of images about Stained Wood Trim on Pinterest, a visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas. I like painted trim, but am looking for inspiration in stained wood because my new ( old ) house is full of it. I am selling my house and the painters are coming Monday to repair all of the damage from ice dams from the winter from HELL in. If you wanna hear people frothing at the mouth, this is a great post about whether to paint stained wood trim (on a Craftsman Home) on Apartment Therapy.

stained wood trim in house 2Our new house is beautiful, but is decked out with some serious wood trim. Especially with all those big beautiful windows, refreshing the stain on the floor and the wood on the walls could really help lighten up the space. You haven’t said what color stain it is, but stained wood trim shouldn’t date a house on its own. That house is why I have a thing for dark stained wood and huge baseboards. The original details in your house are beautiful.

Very traditional styles (think George Washington’s house) would have painted all the trim different colors- it’s simply inaccurate to think that traditional or historic has to mean stained wood instead of painted. I also don’t get the sin of painting oak- I now have builder grade 1989 oak all over my house and everyone thinks I’m crazy to want to replace and paint everything- but there is nothing charming about 90s oak! HA!. I think painting the 1970s and 1980s style stained wood trim and doors is definitely a more updated look and actually helps homes sell faster. I would say that most of my clients do prefer painted with maybe the accent of an island in wood. I have had the same debate on my house and probably need Tobi to help. While house hunting, we came across some homes that had beautiful woodwork, but the folks ended up painting it white? The reason we know is that some of the original was left either up or downstairs! The house we just sold we had originally looked at years ago to buy and we liked the woodwork with the wood look.

To Paint Or Not To Paint Our Abundance Of Wood Trim? Good Questions

We have lovely wood trim and hubs is convinced we need a sophisticated living room complete with dark leather sofa. 2011 issue of House Beautiful is one of my all-time favorites and it has blue trim-the interior design is by Alexandra Angle. Love seeing all these colors with stained wood trim instead of with with trim-i know my husband would never paint it all after staining it all! Q: I live in a 1985 custom ranch house. The siding is blue vinyl with white trim. Currently, all the interior door and window casing is stained a color a little more reddish than golden oak. The doors are solid wood six-panel also stained the same color. Now don’t get me wrong, I love crisp white painted trim. When it’s clean and fresh, white trim can brighten any space. Most of the trim in my house is wood stained. But in a few rooms, I decided to paint the trim high gloss white. Parts of the House Ceiling. The sanding tool you select depends on the profile and size of the trim you’re finishing. Over the past few years, I’ve painted almost all of the outdated wooden trim in our 1970’s house. Priming is necessary because it helps prevent dark wood stain from peeking through white paint, and it keeps your paint from peeling off the wood. When you use a pressure washer on stained siding, your goals are simple: Take away accumulated dirt and old stain, and get the wood’s pores to open. If you hope to re-stain wood trim and siding, and the undersides of roof overhangs, pressure washing is the first step.

Why Painting The Wood Trim In My Home Making It Lovely

We actually painted all of the wood trim in our first house (including the stuff in the bathroom and kitchen) using this method (no sanding or primer) and we luckily didn’t have any chipping or bleed-through issues after 4+ years there. But now that the trim is all painted, we’ve decided that we definitely want to stain or paint them a deeper gray color for some richness and dimension. Most of the stained trim in my house is in great shape, however two areas really takes a beating, the east and west side of my house. 150 and 220 grit sandpaper; Wood primer; Soft Cloth; Latex paint matching gloss of existing finish. I have 108 year old original wood trim throughout my house. Due to a roof leak last February, three rooms on my first floor need to have most of the (also 108 year old) plaster walls removed and replaced because it is moldy (inside the wall).