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Over the past year we have numerous questions asked on the site, but none was asked more than What stain or prep is needed for my new deck? There seems to be an incorrect opinion among homeowners that is is okay to stain new wood right away or even before the deck is installed. Even though it is new pt wood it should be cleaned (lightly pressure washed) using an oxalic acid wash to remove mill glaze. If it hasn’t rained after you built your deck then stain it. My husband is installing a new deck with pressure-treated lumber at our home in Tennessee. How long does he need to wait to paint, or should he stain the deck now? You should wait about 1 month for the wood to dry out.

staining new pressure treated wood 2Chances are you used pressure treated wood (PTW), the most common and inexpensive choice for decking. ) So, before you dip a brush into a can of stain or paint, you should check the moisture level in the wood–you should also do this if you had the deck power washed in preparation to refinishing. However, new pressure treated wood usually has a high moisture content, which can derail your staining process. Staining your deck adds a decorative element to your outdoor space. To start, pressure-treated wood is softwood lumber, typically southern yellow pine, that’s been chemically treated to resist rot, decay and termites. It sounds simple, but there’s a fair amount of confusion about retention levels with pressure treated wood, cautions John Daingerfield, buyer, for Jaeger Lumber, a chain of seven New Jersey building material centers. Allow treated wood to dry thoroughly before staining or painting.

When to paint, stain, or apply water repellent to pressure treated wood. Although treated wood is protected against decay and termite attack, the application of a water-repellent sealer to all exposed wood surfaces is recommended upon completion of construction. Over several months, pressure-treated Southern Pine lumber will weather naturally to an appealing silver-gray color. When applying any type of finish, be certain to follow the recommendations of the paint or stain manufacturer. Before you stain pressure-treated wood, you should clean it first. The easiest way to wash new wood is to knock loose any dirt or residue using a pressure washer.

Preparing New Pressure Treated Wood Deck To Take A Finish

How to Seal and Stain Pressure Treated Wood Decking. New pressure treated lumber should be allowed to weather for 30 days before being treated. What if I decide to stain the pressure-treated decking or wood before it’s dry – are there any consequences?. This is the best way to stain a new pine pressured treated lumber deck. Weather wreaks havoc on unprotected wood, even pressure-treated pine, tropical hardwoods, cedar, redwood, and others that are resistant to rot and insect damage. Williams found that the key factor in getting the most longevity out of any surface finish – whether stain or paint – is to seal the wood before the sun ever hits the surface. When sealing new pressure-treated wood, follow the wood preserver’s guidelines. I will be staining a new (6 months old) pressure treated deck with your TWP 1500. We installed a new dock with pressure treated wood in January of this year 2015, when can we put a clear stain/sealer on our dock? The person who built the dock said we should wait only 1-2 months but I’m thinking longer?. If the wood in your deck is pressure-treated with CCA, the EPA recommends using a semi-transparent stain, which tends to penetrate wood and seal in the arsenic, preventing it from leaching out. Staining pressure treated can be a pain!! Check out my tips to make this an easy and FUN project. It can be a pain!! Check out my tips to make this an easy and FUN project. Home Repair Tutor is for New homeowners who want to DIY. Fix your house, save money, feel inspired.

Sealing, Painting And Staining Pressure Treated Wood

Chromated Copper Arsenate or CCA is not used on new residential pressure treated since 2004 but older pressure treated wood may still contain harmful ingredients and should be sealed. Includes: pressure treated wood, choosing a deck stain, staining a pressure treated deck, and tips and considerations. Whether your deck is brand new or several years old, you can seal, stain and treat your deck yourself to help protect it and keep it looking great. Take your time and allow new, pressure treated-lumber to weather for a few months and dry out before staining it. Solid Color Stains provide excellent adhesion to new, previously stained or painted surfaces, which are in a clean, sound condition.

Stain or seal dry wood – the time it takes for wood to dry out depends on the climate and the wood’s exposure to the sun. In some cases ProWood pressure-treated lumber has water repellent applied during the pressure-treating process.