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Racking canes, auto-siphons and racking tube accessories are available at Adventures in Homebrewing. Find plastic and stainless steel racking canes, racking tube accessories, along with auto-siphons and siphon accessories. Northern Brewer stocks a wide variety of tubing, racking canes and related equipment for transferring your beer from one vessel to another. 30 Curved Stainless Steel Racking Cane. Right now I am using the standard fermtech plastic auto siphon, but it already broke and it’s a pretty flimsy and poorly designed way to siphon beer (the plastic piece in the tip broke and it can’t. I’m going to go with the combination of a stainless steel racking cane and a carboy cap.

stainless steel racking cane auto siphon 2Stainless steel is the preferred material for most brewers because it doesn’t s. I like it better than the auto siphon. Fermenter’s Favorites Rack Magic Siphon. Auto Siphon Racking Cane for Beer Wine Bucket Carboy Bottle Racking Homebrew. Homebrew Hops Screen- Stainless Steel Racking Cane Dip Tube Filter – Dry Hopping. The hose and racking canes are very common with starter homebrew kits. We’ve got the racking cane, the sterile siphon starter, and the auto-siphon. And getting a stainless cane, easy to clean well, last the rest of my life and may even be part of the estate, is pretty attractive.

Hey folks, Anybody know of a stainless steel siphon? I have a SS racking cane, but need to figure out how to start the siphon w/o my mouth. A siphon, of course, uses a tube and gravity to transfer a liquid from one container to another. Siphoning was kind of a pain for me before I got an auto-siphon, but I’ve been relatively happy with that. I have a stainless steel racking cane fitted with a carboy hood. Normally, I attach a 0. Or would I just be better of buying an auto-siphon? On a certain home-brewing supply website, they show a video of a guy demonstrating how to siphon using a racking cane by blowing directly into the carboy hood without any air filter in place (not that I personally would try that).

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I was cleaning my auto siphon this weekend and noticed that there are several cracks in the bottom 2 – 3. Yes, after too many broken auto-siphons I switched to a stainless racking cane. I now use a stainless steel racking crane, because I know that’s not going to crack. Shop racking canes for your home wine making. EC Kraus offers wine racking canes in a variety of sizes and styles. Curved Racking Cane: 27 Long / Stainless Steel / 3/8 Tubing. Stainless Steel Racking Cane with Tip – 30. 1/2 Clamp for Auto-Siphon. Stainless Steel Mesh Screen for 5/16 Racking Canes. In Stock. Racking Tube – Replacement Tip – 3/8 in Stainless Steel. Auto siphon Racking Cane Beer Wine Bucket Carboy Bottle Fill with clear tube.

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I have purchased 20 stainless steel racking cane setups to transfer my beer, but none have been as effective, sanitary or as unlikely to oxidize my beer as my old trusty auto siphon racking cane. Auto siphon racking cane assembly for easy transfer of beer and wine. Siphons on one pump from as little as 6 inches of liquid. The Auto Siphon makes starting your siphon simple! Auto Siphon Features:. Racking Cane Stainless 3/8 x 24 – Stainless Steel Racking cane 24 in length. Racking Cane Stainless 3/8 x 24 – Stainless Steel Racking cane 24 in length.