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Thus, most standard interior doors are the same height, and come in widths ranging from 28 to 32 inches. The 32-inch requirement for passage doors doesn’t apply to closet or bathroom doors, so most door outlets stock 28-, 30- and 32-inch doors. As you enter the bathroom, the door needs to be able to swing its width into the room without hitting the vanity or toilet. This means that if the door width is 32 inches, you must have a passage of 32 inches wide and 32 inches long of clear space leading into the bathroom. The tub needs to be in an alcove on the same wall as the door and it doesn’t leave much room for the 32 door.

standard bathroom door size 2But just remember that in a bathroom that size a wider door is going to take up a lot more wall space when it is fully opened and have an impact on the depth of the cabinets and their placement. If that’s not standard and it’s what you wanted, you’d have to go custom (more expensive). Are there any IRC references to the minimun opening size to interior rooms, the size of doorways, or access to bathrooms? Similar Threads:. What are Standard Size Doors for Residential Homes?

Minimum entry door size It’s smart to design for all eventualities. A 36 height is standard. Generally speaking, all interior doors have a standard width of 34 inches. A half bath door usually measures between 25 and 30 inches wide depending on the style of door. Includes information on enlarged wc cubicles, standard toilet cubicles, ambulant disabled cubicles and wheelchair accessible cubicles. Enlarged cubicles must be a minimum width of 1200mm and include an outward opening door.

How Wide Are Your Bathroom And Bedroom Doors?

standard bathroom door size 3Step 2 – Design your single shower door by choosing a layout from the choices on this page. Standard height (most common maybe the better word) of a single glass shower door is 72. The ClearShield System is the perfect solution to protect your brand new glass shower or glass bath enclosure.

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