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Some sizes can be special ordered if you have time to wait. This is a list of common bifold door sizes that are fairly standard and readily available. Standard Sizes. Custom sizes available bring your measurement to your retailers. We have 5 door patterns ranging from under 5ft to almost 20ft and over 8ft in height. We like precise sizes so ask you to measure in millimetres (mm) but if you have an idea of your size already select your size and door options and follow the guide.

standard bi fold doors sizes 2My Bi-Fold has an extensive range of Bi-Fold door products. Information on ColourAll our aluminium products are available in a wide range of colours, from the standard KL range and RAL colours through to the exclusive Sensation range of colours. 5m, max sash width1m wide, min sash width – 700mm, although it is possible to go below this size we are unable to guarantee a smooth operation, all doors must be unlocked prior to being opened. PVCu Bifold doors tend to be somewhat cheaper than aluminium, but aluminium Bi-folding Doors are widely considered to be a far superior product. Our Durafold 1000 Bi-folding Doors are available in a wider range of standard paint finishes, when compared to our Continental Folding Doors. The number of panels you can have depends on the size of the aperture. Vufold external bi-fold doors are available in multiple sizes from 6ft to 16ft with a configuration of 2 doors or up to 6 doors. Our doors are factory pre-finished to the premium standard for optimum UV protection.

Most Bifold Door suppliers advertise their standard criteria like U Value, Air Tightness, Water Tightness etc all of which are good indicators of performance. Liniar Bifold Plus 3 Pane Bi Fold Doors supplied and fitted, order online. Width:Measure your aperture width in 3 separate places and then deduct 10mm off your smallest size. You can either have a standard pvc threshold or an aluminium low threshold. G.James bi-fold doors come in a range of standard sizes and configurations, which are able to be customised on request.

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standard bi fold doors sizes 3Utilise the space normally taken up by a hinged door and increase your room size by featuring a Hume interior bi-fold system. Available in a wide range of styles and sizes, Hume can cater for any opening. You have selected the standard range of bifold doors. Please now choose your size range. Quantum Bifold Door helps you enjoy the perfect alfresco outdoors by folding back the doors to maximise your living space. Origin Bi-fold Doors are completely bespoke to your size and configuration requirements, and as such, we can manufacture anything from a single door, all the way up to a 10 door set and beyond, each with different opening configurations. Standard industry lead-time for bi-fold doors is normally around 6-8 weeks but nobody wants a hole in their wall for longer than necessary. Doors sizes and standard doors dimensions comparison chart. Pre-hung, bi-fold, pocket door standard dimensions and measurements by width and height. Bifolds are available as standard or in a Inline version, which folds back flush with the exterior cladding. Maximum sizes for bi-fold doors vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement.

Maximum Weight And Sizes Aluminium Bifold Doors Or Folding Doors

Standard sash sizes are 1100mm high and 600mm wide. However, any size or style of Bifold doors & sashes can be ordered as all our joinery is custom made.