Standard Height For Upper Kitchen Cabinets Sample Plans PDF

We had 16.5 in our recently demo-ed kitchen and that was too low. How high above the base cabinets & counter should the upper cabinets be mounted?. Charts illustrating cabinet heights are found in Chapter 1 of Kitchen & Bath Products. But those damn upper cabinets just feel like they are in my way!

standard height for upper kitchen cabinets 2Height of Upper Kitchen Cabinets RE: Are your uppers lower than 18′? Standard measurements and rules of thumb for configuring kitchen cabinetry layouts. Last, we’ll show you a simple method for installing the upper wall cabinets. The entire project typically takes less than a day. (standard cabinet height) and mark the wall at that point. Upper cabinets Wall cabinets or uppers hang on the wall.

Height Of Upper Kitchen Cabinets