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Typical Height of Bathroom Vanity Lights. Finding the right height to hang your bathroom lighting is as simple as following a few easy steps. Standard Vanity Light Height. Most standard bathroom mirrors are an average of 36 inches long. This will assist you in determining if your vanity light will fit into the location of the existing junction box, given height of the mirror, wall, and fixture. I’m wondering if anyone has a rule-of-thumb height for mounting the box for a light or lights over a bathroom vanity?

standard height of bathroom vanity light 2Your bathroom’s becoming a refuge, so why not light it adequately? Vanity lighting gets top consideration because these fixtures work the hardest to illuminate the head and face for grooming. I am redoing my bathroom. I haven’t picked out too many vanities, but I only ever saw a standard height. Great Ways to Enhance Your Bathroom A Bathroom Vanity Lighting How-To. These days, a wide selection of wall mounted bath bars and vanity lights are available to provide the light you need in virtually any style. This depends on the dimensions of your mirror or medicine cabinet.

Good, functional lighting is needed around the bathroom vanity mirror and sink area. Wall sconces are a great source of supplementary light. The height at which to hang the sconces will depend on the individuals using the bathroom. Vanity lights like chandeliers and wall sconces can create a warm and friendly ambiance. We carry contemporary vanity lights, bathroom mirrors, sconces & more!

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standard height of bathroom vanity light 3To determine the proper height for the fixture: The bottom of the fixture should be no less than 7 feet from the ground. Wall sconces should be a minimum of 28 inches apart and hung at the standard height of five feet above the floor. At one time, most of us had this outdated bathroom vanity light bar: the now infamous Hollywood dressing room bar light with the globe bulbs. Vanity lights are typically either two sconces on either side of the mirror or one single bar of lighting above the mirror. Standard Height for Water & Drain Lines in a Bathroom Vanity. Light FixturesSee All Light Fixtures Light SourcesLED LightsXenon LightsHalogen LightsFluorescent Lights. Generally wall sconces are installed at a height of 66 inches to 72 inches (5. For example, many people install wall sconces on either side of the vanity in the bathroom. I want to put a few receptacles (outlets) above the vanity. Is there a standard height I should be installing the receptacle? I don’t have a floor or a vanity yet so I can’t just measure from the counter top. For bathroom vanity lights, well-diffused light is necessary to avoid shadowing or glare while grooming. Above the mirror fixtures can be mounted horizontally at a height of 75 to 80 inches and typically range in width from 24 to 48 inches.

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The National Kitchen & Bath Association developed these Bathroom Planning Guidelines to provide designers with good planning practices that consider typical needs of users. The safest light over a tub or in a shower is a recessed light with a waterproof lens. There is no standard height for a bathroom vanity. In new construction a loose wire is normally left in the wall space behind the vanity. After the vanity is installed a height is determined by the mirror height and the light fixture style.