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Does anyone know what the standard cabinet opening space for a fridge is these days? Then size the cabinets to fit the fridge you want. Is there a standard for range opening, dishwasher, fridge, etc., or is everyone measuring for fit? Forum Responses From contributor K: Get the appliance manufacturer name and model numbers for the appliances and find the factory websites. The last cabinet guy built them exactly the size of the appliance and I didn’t think we were ever going to get the fridge and range in! I’d much rather have too much than too little. Out of all kitchen appliances, refrigerators are the least standard in terms of depth, however, height is usually around 70 inches and width is usually around 36 inches.

standard refrigerator opening size 2DETERMINE WHAT SIZE REFRIGERATOR YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR SPACE. You need to remember that there are different dimensions that need to be included when measuring, including door opening space, the hinge side door space, ventilation space, cleaning space and even getting the refrigerator in the house. HI — Fridges are the one appliance that has changed it’s sizes in the last few years. That is, opening is only 36 1/2, leaving 1/4 on each side. Question – What is the standard height opening for a refrigerator if you – QH. Find the answer to this and other Appliance questions on JustAnswer.

A common answer to this question is: the space is a standard size. Secondly, if the refrigerator is to be placed against a side wall, it s important to consider whether or not the handle of your new refrigerator will open into that wall -which may prevent the door from opening a full ninety degrees. It depends on the size of the fridge, obviously, but having just bought a new one that didn’t quite fit in the space I had allocated to it (missed it by 10mm!), after some impromptu resizing, I ended up with a hole 920 wide and 1800 high. Many kitchens are now being specified with a 700mm deep cavity as standard; bear in mind that the fridge door still needs to be able to open approximately 170 degrees outside of the cavity so you might want to consider this in the overall design. Looking for the leading standard width refrigerator on the market? Check out Sears Outlet for discount prices. Buy them new or reconditioned online or in your local store today!.

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standard refrigerator opening size 3Finally, measure the depth of the opening, from the back wall to the front edge of your counters. Measuring the physical size of the refrigerator space is a good start. Available primarily in side-by-side and French door styles, counter-depth refrigerators offer a shallower profile than standard-depth refrigerators, so they don’t stick out beyond standard-depth counters. If the size refrigerator you have suits you and you’re ready to purchase a newer model, then stick with what works. Most standard refrigerator models allow you to place doors opening on either side, so when the door opens, it can swing to the left or the right. A run-down of counter-depth refrigerator dimensions. A Typical Configuration. Do not rely on the size specifications listed on a product’s sales page. Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are available in different sizes and configurations. Account for door opening, general access, hinge size and location so you know your chosen appliance will be practical to use. Even though these french door refrigerators are smaller in size, there is more room for fresh and frozen food with the most usable capacity available in its class. If you are making the move from a standard side-by-side refrigerator, these spacious french door models provide flexible storage options like gallon door bins and a full width pantry. Measure the space of the opening. It might be tempting to measure the size of your current refrigerator. But it is possible that the refrigerator is not the optimal size for the space.

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Integrated refrigerators fit totally inside the standard cabinet, so they are seamless and indistinguishable from the cabinet itself. I’ve gotten mixed messages on what size fridge I can fit in there. Our opening is exactly 35.5 inches wide and the standard wdths are 36.