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The typical side-by-side refrigerator measures between 30 and 36 inches in width, 67 and 70 inches in height and from 29 to 35 inches in depth. Total volume ranges from 22. Large capacity refrigerator is usually about 69 inches in height, 36 inches wide and 34 inches deep. They require much kitchen space since they are larger than other models. A standard, freestanding refrigerator with a top freezer — a plain vanilla, best-selling option that works well for rental properties and in general terms of affordability — measures 30 to 33 inches wide, 30 to 33 inches deep and 66 to 70 inches tall. Bottom freezers with a regular door can be different widths, usually around 30, 33 or 36 inches.

standard refrigerator size in inches 2DETERMINE WHAT SIZE REFRIGERATOR YOU CAN FIT IN YOUR SPACE. If there’s not about 2-inches of space on the hinge side, then you’ll have to keep in mind that the refrigerator will need to be pulled out about 2-inches to make up for this. 28 Inch Bottom Mount French Door Refrigerator with 14.9 cu. ft. Capacity, 2 Adjustable Tempered Glass Shelves, Cool Zone Drawer, Double Freezer Drawers, 6 Full Width Door Bins, Quick Cool, Quick Freeze and LED Lighting. Fridges, freezers and fridge freezers are available in different sizes and configurations. Ensure there is ventilation space of at least 2 cm around the top and sides of the appliance.

A run-down of counter-depth refrigerator dimensions. The backsplash can add as much as 1 inch, giving a false measurement. A Typical Configuration. To find the size, take out the tape measure. Standard side-by-side refrigerators range from 31 inches to 36 inches. Depths range from 28 inches to 34 inches, and the heights of most models range between 66 inches and 69 inches. The standard refrigerator freezer has a 36-inch waistline and generally offers between 18 and 25 cubic feet of storage space. Refrigerator is a little wider than the average slim size of 24 inches or less, but it’s the narrowest French door refrigerator we can source; 1,099 at AJ Madison.

Measuring For A New Refrigerator

standard refrigerator size in inches 3In some kitchens, there may be a height limitation, but width is more typically the crucial dimension. Standard refrigerators measure between 30 and 33 inches across. Kmart has refrigerators from brands like Kenmore, Amana, Frigidaire and Maytag. Shop for top fridges to keep your kitchen running smooth. Available in standard-depth and counter-depth options, these refrigerators feature impressive capacity, convenient spill-proof glass shelves and exceptionally bright LED lighting for easy viewing. This standard fridge size is large enough for a medium size family, but will not provide a lot of extra capacity. A width of 24 inches is now more common for refrigerators in small spaces. Ranges used to come strictly in a standard size of 30 inches wide; 66 Inch Height Refrigerator found in: 22 cu. ft. This ENERGY STAR certified LG refrigerator exceeds new 2014 federal energy standards to positively impact your energy bill and your energy consumption.

Counter Depth Refrigerator Dimensions: What You Need To Know