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My chairmat was delivered quickly and in good condition, and is working great. ?These are mats that will look great on any type of floor, whether carpet, hardwood or a different surface, and ensure that your flooring and greater work space remains pristine and free of blemishes and scratching. Image of Floortex Ecotex Enhanced Polymer Rectangular Chairmat, 36 x 48, Clear.

staples chair mat hardwood floor 2Retractable hanging tools office desk chair mats staples floor mats for office chairs. Furniture From Wood. Do I need to protect the hardwood floor that my desk chair is currently rolling around on? Chances are I’ll be rolling around the same area for the next year or so in my new apartment. I have a Staples brand mat designed for hardwood floors. I stuck the first inch or so under the desk so it wouldn’t move around too much. Floortex Rectangular Chairmat, 119 x 89cm, Carpet.

Floortex Polycarbonate Printed Chairmat Keyhole 900W X1200L Clear. This is a chairmat that I had bought for my office when I had hardwood floors. I bought this at Staples so check it out on their website for more information! With a transparent finish, this chairmat displays the flooring or carpet design, while protecting the surface.

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My work desk is currently located in a room with hardwood floors so I wanted to protect the wood flooring from getting scratched up and possible dented from my office chair. I found that they range in price from 40 to 100 and are readily sold in stores like Walmart, Target, Office Depot, and Staples. Do you need an hard wood floor chair mat or a carpet chair mat?

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