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For spans over about 200m, all steel construction is often used. The roadway is then carried on a longitudinally stiffened steel top flange, commonly known as an orthotropic steel deck. Long span steel box girder bridgeFoyle Bridge, Londonderry. Span range is more for box bridge girder as compare to T-beam Girder Bridge resulting in comparatively lesser number of piers for the same valley width and hence results in economy. It was only with the development of high strength prestressing steel that it became possible to span longer distances. Box girder bridges are quite common and a basic example is seen below. They are usually manufactured from prefabricated steel girders. This means that the girders are manufactured in a factory and transported to the location of the bridge, where they are fixed together.

steel box girder 2A comprehensive numerical investigation is carried out to assess the load distribution mechanism of horizontally curved steelconcrete composite box girder br. Accurate Stress Analysis on Steel Box Girder of Long Span Suspension Bridges Based on Multi-Scale Submodeling Method. Hao WangRelated information.

Load Distribution For Composite Horizontally Curved Box Girder Bridge

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