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Here are 8 exercises you can do using nothing but a plyo box. Step up onto the box with one leg, then bring the other leg up as you straighten both legs. That’s right, success is easier than you thought and you can do these exercises at home or at the gym with just a couple weights, stairs, or a step box. Look no further than this plymetric box workout you can do as a home-based form of fitness. 5 minutes: Lateral step-ups, crossing back and forth across the plyo box.

step box exercises 2Learn how to do the box step and squat warm-up for a leg workout from personal trainer Erin Sharoni in this Howcast workout video. Find and learn how to do exercises that require box or step. Yup, if you’re looking for tips on how to do step-ups or box jumps, you won’t find them here. There are plenty of other fitness videos and blog posts showcasing those two moves.

Visit eBay for great deals in Step/Riser Sets for Workouts. Shop eBay! Adjustable Exercise Box Step Fitness Jump Non Slip Workout Cardo Plyometric New. Step box exercises list down powerful, fat-burning exercises using just a step box. Check out 12 of these exercises that will have you in the best of shape!.

How To Do A Box Step & Squat Warm-up For Female Leg Workout

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8 Exercises You Can Do With A Plyo Box)