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The Stickley Museum is located in Fayetteville, New York. Stickley & Brandt Chair Company Furniture was produced by the American manufacturer of the same name from the late 19th to the early 20th century. In 1884, they moved the company to Binghamton, New York. This company lasted until 1892. Other successive companies include the Stickley and Brandt Chair Company, Stickley Brothers Furniture Company of Grand Rapids, L.

stickley and brandt chair company 2America, there were four different companies bearing the name Stickley. Here’s a breakdown of them, with their sample wares – illustrating the evolution of furniture styles, especially within the Arts and Crafts movement. Find auction results by Stickley & Brandt Chair Company. Browse through recent auction results or all past auction results on artnet. Buying and selling Gustav Stickley furniture L&JG Stickley and Stickley Brothers furniture. Charles Stickley married into the Brandt family in 1891 and formed the Stickley-Brandt Furniture Company.

ARTS & CRAFTS OAK V-BACK ROCKING CHAIR, STICKLEY & BRANDT CHAIR COMPANY, BINGHAMTON, NEW YORK, 1891-1918. Est. 300-500. This handkerchief table was made by Stickley-Brandt. Charles Stickley left the original Stickley Brothers Furniture Co. in 1884 and started the new company in Binghamton, N. Circa 1910. The Stickley and Brandt Company was established by Charles Stickley and Schuler Brandt. This sturdy antique chair has new leather and the.

The Five Stickleys

For Sale on 1stdibs – This chair is clearly a tour de force and an eye stopper in any room. Not only is the north wind facial image in the center of back splat vigorously sculpted,. He co-founded in 1891 TheStickley & Brandt Chair Company which became the largest furniture company in New York in the 1890s. There is now a 1911 Modern Craft Styles catalog by Charles for the Stickley Brandt Chair Company that is now available in reprint on Amazon if you are interested. Looking for Desks & Secretaries? Find 1 available for as low as from a trusted seller on eBay. 1910, the oak desk with two drawers, one with paper label reading Stickley & Brandt Chair Company, ht. 30 1/4, wd. 48, dp. 34 in. More. From this movement emerged the Mission Oak style of furniture. The Stickley and Brandt Chair Company produced Stickley furniture from 1909 to 1917; that dates the reader’s desk to before or around 1918.

Arts & Crafts Oak V-back Rocking Chair, Stickley & Brandt Chair Company, Binghamton, New York, 1891-1918

Privately owned by the Audi family since 1974, the company now operates a facility greater than 400,000 square feet in Manlius, New York, an upholstery plant in North Carolina, and six retail showrooms in New York and Connecticut. In Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Charles Stickley, who shared ownership of Stickley and Brandt Chair Co. in Binghamton, New York. This ornately carved rocker is a Stickley, but not Gustav Stickley’s work; it was made by brother Charles Stickley and the Stickley-Brandt Furniture Company. In 1891, Charles Stickley and Schuyler C Brandt started The Stickley & Brandt Chair Co. in Binghamton, NY. We picked up this Stickley & Brandt fancy rocker that was patterned after a Stickley Bros rocker featured in an 1889 trade ad. Charles Stickley (one of the five Stickley brothers) and his cousin Schuyler Brand co-founded the Stickley & Brandt Chair Company in 1891. Throughout the 1890s, the company was the largest furniture dealer in New York.