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I would like to purchase the Stora loft bed from IKEA for my 10 year old daughter. I hear mixed reviews about the other loft beds from IKEA. I am hoping to find a decent quality full size loft bed for nearly 8yo DD. Ikea Stora Loftbed: Over 2 independent user reviews summarized in the dooyoo conclusion.

 stora loft bed review 2We’ve found four really great loft beds that turn one space into two. Would you use a loft bed in a small space? Ample space under the bed for storage, a desk or a seating area. Click Here to add your review. Review. The Ikea Stora Loft Bed is a popular bed frame for those looking to use a small amount of space wisely. If you have a small bedroom and don t mind climbing a ladder to sleep every night, you might be interested in the Stora Loft bed frame offered by Ikea.

The Ikea Tromso Loft Bed differs from the Ikea Stora Loft Bed in materials. The Tromso is composed mainly of steel, whereas the Stora is made of pine, perhaps making a little less durable as it ages. Our eldest (9) wants a high sleeper bunk bed – like a normal bunk bed but with no bottom bunk and instead a ‘study’ or sitting area beneath the bed. My 8 yr old daughter has an Ikea Stora high bed like the one below. News; Reviews; Blogs. Stora, mind you, is the first class of Ikea lofts. It’s a full-sized frame, made of solid pine with a nice dark stain.

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 stora loft bed review 3It would be my first experience with a loft bed (didn’t have one in college!) AND our first experience with Ikea. But I’d like some real-world reviews from people I trust — therefore, I come to the Peas, bearing questions!Thanks for any help. If you’re going to get a store-bought loft bed, the STORA bed is one of the more attractive options. The IKEA Stora Loft Bed is a one-person loft bed designed to clear up approximately 21 square feet of. Be the first one to review. Edit Characteristics. This guy also installed a STORA loft bed in his hdb flat with ceiling height of 255cm and its fantastic.

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